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Editorial: In this moment of trying times, we call on new local leadership to lead us forward — together

The images we all saw on our televisions, computer screens, and other electronic devices last week were startling, shocking, and downright terrifying.

In recent months, years, etc, democracy has taken some hard hits. It’s been tested, and yet democracy and our way of life is still standing, still functioning. A democratic republic continues to function correctly.

Locally, we’ve seen three new local officials take oaths of office this week, vowing to defend the constitution and to make the best decisions possible for Moffat County and its residents.

As they step into office, we call upon them to show leadership locally.

The key role of leadership in moving an organization forward has been appreciated for many years. What seems to have changed is our understanding of what effective leadership is all about. In the past, good leadership was really good management. The emphasis was on controlling, planning, and predictability. Today, it is becoming increasingly clear that effective leaders spend their time with a different focus—aligning people, motivating them, and creating useful change.

Leadership, at its core, is a very human activity, and qualities like honesty, fairness, and credibility are fundamental and recurrent themes regardless of the leadership situation involved.

We’re calling our new leaders to help current leaders continue to move this community forward, work together on common ground towards a common goal, and bring some even-handed peace to this community.

They’re going to face difficult decisions in the future, from a COVID standpoint, to Just Transition, overall public health, and more. In reality, when we “hire” these local officials, we’re asking them to call balls and strikes, to steal a baseball terminology.

Who truly knows what’s next when it comes to issues or developments for our community. What we do know is that we’ve placed trust in the new officials – through a fair, democratic election – to make the best possible decisions – right or wrong – that reflect and hold true to our values.

It’s time to unite as one behind those that were elected and move forward in the face of progress for the betterment of our community.

Craig Press Editorial Board

Sheli Steele, General Manager

Joshua Carney, Editor

Jennifer Holloway, community member

Tom Kleinshnitz, community member

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