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Editorial: An extra special Mother’s Day in a time of uncertainty

Craig Press Editorial Board:
Sheli Steele, Craig Press General Manager
Joshua Carney, Craig Press Editor
Paul Everitt, community member
Liane Davis-Kling, community member

Much like St. Patrick’s Day and Easter Sunday in the middle of a global pandemic, Mother’s Day 2020 will be different than any before.

Local restaurants won’t be packed with families for brunch, giving Mom a break from the kitchen. In some cases, mom and grandma will greet family virtually, without the loving touch that makes the day so precious.

Mother’s Day 2020 will be strange, but no less heartfelt. While this Sunday will be like every other Sunday—(every other day, for that matter)—since the middle of March, the simple designation that it is “Mother’s Day” will adorn it with special meaning.

While the normal traditions might not be able to be followed this year, this year’s Mother’s Day could serve as a needed lesson, a reminder of life’s most important attributes. Perhaps Mother’s Day 2020 will redirect us from the commercialism that has blossomed around the holiday and steer us closer to its true meaning.

As we celebrate Mother’s Day today, we honor the women who shaped us, nurtured us, taught us and showed us what life and love are about. True, fathers do all of those things, too, but in different ways. It’s not about whose role is bigger or better, and it’s not even about conforming to the specific gender roles. It is simply acknowledging that both parents influence our lives through the choices they make with us, and each one’s influence is distinct from the other.

In a way, the novel coronavirus crisis has given us all a sense of motherhood, where we endure sacrifice for the good of others around us. We have come to appreciate that generosity, compassion, and health are the things that matter most, and we have learned to accept that life will knock us down on occasion and still we get back up and push forward.

This year, let us praise mothers more than we ever have. During these uncertain times, they’ve taken on a great role more than ever imagined, including stepping up as an in-home teacher with kids out of school, holding the family together in a time of need, and wearing so many hats it’s too hard to count.

Their job is still tireless and often thankless, at least until the kids are old enough to recognize just how much was sacrificed for them (which for some isn’t until their 20s or even later). When it is done right, the job is still about unconditional love, even when that means tough love.

It remains a lifelong commitment. Even after a child is grown, graduated and employed, mom is still mom, and moms will always worry.

Today though, we don’t want you to worry. No, today we hope you feel pride. That when you look at the child or the children on whom you have had an influence, you see the kinds of people you wanted them to be. It is OK to be proud not only of them, but of yourself for the role you played in getting them to where they are.

Thank you to all the moms out there. May this year’s Mother’s Day be an extra special one.

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