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Diane Prather: A new novel by Sandra Brown

Author Sandra Brown has written seventy “New York Times” bestsellers. “Outfox” is her most recent novel.

 The protagonist of this week’s novel is Drex Easton, an FBI agent who is on a quest to bring conman Weston Graham to justice. Drex believes Graham is responsible for luring eight wealthy women into giving up their fortunes and then murdering them. The problem is that the women disappeared without a trace. Graham has changed identities numerous times and left no evidence behind. (He does, however, collect souvenirs—a twist later on in the novel.)

One day, Special Agents Gifford (Gif) Lewis and Mike Mallory request a meeting with Drex. The three men meet secretly at a hotel to conceal their findings from Special FBI Agent Bill Rudkowski. To put it mildly, the men do not get along with Rudkowski; they have a “history.”

 Mike announces that he’s found “him,” the suspect who is now going by the name of Jasper Ford. He’s married to successful businesswoman Talia Shafer and lives in South Carolina.

So Drex, posing as a writer who is working on a novel, goes to South Carolina and moves into an apartment into a building across the street from the Fords. Jasper meets him there the day Drex moves in, offers him a beer, and invites him over. Drex uses the friendship to gather information about Jasper.

   That’s not all. Jasper invites Drex to go out on a boat the next day. It turns out that the yacht belongs to Elaine Conner. During the trip Drex gets to know Jasper’s wife, Talia, who has been away on a business trip. She’s a beautiful woman, and Drex is immediately attracted to her.

Drex begins surveillance of the Ford home, even planting a bug inside the house. He’s convinced that Jasper is Weston Graham, but he wonders if Talia is an accomplice—or a victim. Meanwhile, the body of Marian Harris, one of Graham’s victims, is found. She had been buried alive.

If you like thrillers, you will enjoy this novel. I enjoyed the twist concerning Drex, Gif, and Mike that comes at the very end of the book.

Published by Grand Central Publishers, “Outfox” (2019) costs $28.00 in hardcover. I found the book , with new titles, at the Craig branch of Moffat County Libraries.  

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