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Dave Wallace: Dumpsters not always the answer

These early summer mornings are an excellent opportunity to get out and enjoy the fresh morning air and get a bit of exercise, plus, it provides a great start to a person’s day.

On Thursday morning, while walking my dogs, I decided to swing by a dumpster I had viewed the previous day while biking. What I found made my heart sink. The dumpster was full of small schoolroom chairs and desks.

I find this totally unacceptable. For a school district that continues to cry poor and found it necessary to close down an elementary school, this type of management is very troubling. This is not managing the available resources frugally; this is a prime example of poor management and waste.

I looked through these discarded schoolroom desks and chairs, and to me, they all appeared to be usable and in fairly good condition. If, in fact, there is a legitimate reason these furnishings are being discarded, why in the world would they not be made available to the community before being tossed into a dumpster? I would think they should first be offered to the public, since it was taxpayers who originally provided them, and it is the community that actually owns them, as well.

I know within our community we have home schooling, along with private schools and Christian schools, that may be able to use these items, even though they are used. Heck, I would guess there are many children in our community who would enjoy one of these little school desks at home to sit and do homework.

This photo shows discarded desks and chairs behind Sandrock Elementary School.

I don’t think this is what the community expects from our school district. The taxpayer deserves better than this, and more importantly, the children deserve better than this.

After witnessing this activity, I now wonder where the wood shop equipment ended up after it was removed from the middle school a couple of years ago. This particular dumpster was located behind Sandrock Elementary School and was gone by the end of the day. I have no doubt the dumpster was hastily removed after a school worker witnessed me taking pictures of this prime example of meatball management.

Dave Wallace


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