Craig Press Editorial Board: A vote for the school bond is a vote for the future of this community |

Craig Press Editorial Board: A vote for the school bond is a vote for the future of this community

A student waves to the camera as he walks with friends up to the building on the first day of school at Moffat County High School.
Cuyler Meade / Craig Press

The Craig Press Editorial Board is pleased to declare our endorsement of the Moffat County School District’s bond measure, Question 4A, that appears on this fall’s ballot.

Here’s the way we see it: Of course nobody wants to pay more property taxes. We certainly don’t. However, as far as taxes go, and accepting that that’s the way our community goods are funded, this sort of use is exactly the kind to which we want our taxes to go.

A properly outfitted school district is an absolutely vital piece of a thriving community. Not only is it true that what’s good for our children is good for the community as a whole, but it’s also true that if we hope to attract good people and businesses to Craig and Moffat County over the course of the next several years, this is one of the absolutely primary indicators to prospective newcomers that a community cares about itself, its people and its future.

Of course we want our kids to be in safe, secure, modern buildings all day during two-thirds of the year. Of course we want them to have the most comfortable, learning-conducive, soundly constructed facilities available to them. That should almost go without saying.

But what’s more is that investing in schools is investing in Moffat County.

What do folks considering moving here — or staying here, or coming home to here — want to feel comfortable with? They want to know their kids will be safe and taken care of. We can’t hope to keep folks in town or attract folks to town if we aren’t willing to put our money where our mouths are in that respect.

On top of that, we’re convinced this is a prudent use of money. Without going line-item by line-item on the uses, we see security upgrades, accessibility improvement, and critical — and we mean critical — maintenance, repairs and upgrades to parts of these buildings that just can’t be left undone.

Most of us own something valuable — a vehicle or a house, or even a bicycle — and all of us know that if you don’t spend a little money and effort on upkeep when it’s recommended, you’re certain to have to spend an awful lot more on catastrophic repairs when it’s unavoidable.

This bond is necessary. Not because our students have got to have the latest and greatest — but because they’re currently being educated in buildings that are unacceptable levels of degrees below latest and greatest. These are critical repairs and upgrades that must be done, and if they’re not done now — already past time — they’ll only get worse in the future.

We feel confident that the school administration will take this money and avoid wherever possible those major emergencies by wisely treating their aging buildings with the love they need and deserve. Let’s give them the money required to do that.

We support the school bond, Question 4A, and we encourage you to do the same with your affirmative vote come Nov. 2.

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