Craig/Moffat Economic Development Partnership Board of Directors: Vote yes on 73 |

Craig/Moffat Economic Development Partnership Board of Directors: Vote yes on 73

In August, the Colorado Secretary of State’s office approved Amendment 73 for the November 2018 ballot. This is the first statewide education revenue measure developed to help communities like ours benefit from Colorado’s economic growth. No other bill or voter measure in Colorado history could do more to support Moffat County School District  and our local economy than this proposal.

The Craig/Moffat Economic Development Partnership Board of Directors supports Amendment 73, because it will enhance the quality of education in Moffat County. Funding from Amendment 73 would provide a variety of high-quality educational opportunities for MCSD students. If passed, Amendment 73 would mean an annual increase of $2.6 million for MCSD.

Across the country, people are noticing that Colorado’s economy is booming. Colorado is seen as a hot-spot for businesses and their employees to flourish, especially because we have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country. However, Colorado’s school funding levels continue to lag behind the rest of the country by roughly $2,800 per student. Colorado teacher pay is the least competitive in the nation, and MCSD is struggling to recruit and retain qualified teachers and support staff.

Amendment 73 gives rural school districts the chance to decide where funding will have the biggest and most positive impact. It allows rural school districts to decide where their funding should go. MCSD is in year two of a five-year strategic plan that is yielding positive results for our students.

Superintendent Dave Ulrich and the board of education have shown they will make the tough choices to ensure our community’s resources are used in an efficient and effective manner. MCSD can attract more qualified teachers with Amendment 73. MCSD can also address long-delayed capital improvements with Amendment 73. Amendment 73 will provide a $2.6 million of new money to the local economy. Moffat County will benefit from Amendment 73 but, because 92 percent of filers won’t see an impact in their individual income taxes, they won’t be penalized to receive these benefits.

Craig/Moffat Economic Development Partnership Board of Directors


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