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Pipi’s Pasture: It’s just one of those days

Diane Prather
Pipi's Pasture

Did you ever have one of those days when everything goes wrong? For some reason, everything you touch falls apart, spills or breaks down.

You wonder why. Did you not get enough sleep? Is your mind working overtime? Is something weighing on your mind? Maybe you just aren’t thinking — your mind just wants to rest. For whatever reason, or multiple reasons, it’s just one of those days.

  • While making morning coffee, you bumped the side of the coffeemaker, spilling water all over the kitchen counter, and it ran under a cookie jar and under a bunch of coffee cups.
  • When you went to the corral to do morning chores, the jacket you were wearing didn’t have a hood, it started to rain and your brand new hairdo got wet.
  • A cow picked up a flake of hay and shook it — right where you were putting hay out through some corral poles — causing leaves to fly into your face and hair.
  • The car window was left open just a crack, enough for rain to get the driver’s seat wet.
  • An overgrown weed growing next to the path to the corral — that you’ve walked around for weeks and weeks — was in the way and you stubbed your toe on it.
  • A cow rubbed on the gate chain and opened the gate.
  • The refrigerator decided to stop working.
  • Some deer came up on the front porch and ate the green tomatoes and most of the leaves off the patio tomato plants.
  • A potato exploded in the microwave.
  • You knocked a pile of papers on the floor, and they had to be picked up and resorted.
  • While at the dumpster, a sack full of trash broke open, spilling magazines, newspapers, food containers, soda cans, coffee grounds and potato peelings on the ground.
  • The salt shaker you thought was full wasn’t, and you couldn’t find any more in the pantry.
  • You knocked a can of soda over, and it splattered onto the carpet.
  • While cleaning the kitchen floor, you spilled the bucket of mop water.
  • The refrigerator ice maker shot ice cubes across the floor.
  • You opened the car door, ready to drive to an appointment and you noticed one of the tires was flat.
  • Water overflowed when you were filling the water tank.
  • A bale of hay broke when you were rolling it to the corral, and you had to pack the hay the rest of the way with a pitchfork.
  • You found a cat asleep in a pot of beautiful pink and blue petunias, breaking off some of the flowers, mashing others.

Oh, well, grin and bear it. There aren’t usually two such days in a row.

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