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Lance Scranton: Wrong

Lance Scranton
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What is it about taking up a cause that doesn’t make a heart feel good and a life seem worthwhile? What is it about things that happen in our country that doesn’t make people feel compelled to place blame and make their contribution to solving issues seem convincing? What is it that drives our leaders to look at those they hate instead of taking a long look in the mirror when seeking a solution?

It has been almost impossible to have a reasonable conversation about gun control and mass shootings with people because most believe that our country is about to collapse into some kind of white nationalist-frenzied mob rule. It is safe and sane to say that our country is not full of racists and people who believe that any nationality, save their own, is worthy of living in America. A vast majority of people understand the opportunities that immigrants come to take advantage of in our country and most people just want to wake up every day and go off to work to make a living so they can provide for their family.

Guns are tools as are axes, knives, hatchets, spoons, rakes, shovels, and even computers. In the hands of the wrong people, the results can be devastating but used for their intended purpose are instruments of societal harmony. Certainly, guns are a more powerful and effective tool because of their design but it is wrong to collectively blame guns for the terrible intentions of people who use bullets as their instrument of choice.

Those who believe that America has a gun problem generally refuse to consider that the actions of those who desire harm and destruction will use whatever means necessary and use any tool they can get their hands on to perpetrate their intent. It is wrong to punish those who are responsible, reasonable, and accountable by trying to persuade others that every person who owns a gun is one or two steps away from committing a crime.

It is understandable that we want our country to be safe and worthy of being the land of the free and the home of the brave. In a country that puts an emphasis on liberty; we often find that some use freedom to do things that harm others. But it is wrong to assume that if we micromanage the lives of every citizen that somehow people won’t make bad decisions.

America is far from being the most violent country in the world and it is wrong to tell people that if we don’t elect them as president that things will only get worse as if we should blame whoever is in the Oval Office for every tragedy that befalls our nation.

There are many right ways to deal with people who are intent on harming others or seek attention through destructive actions and we should be working hard to figure out what we all agree on and get things moving along. It is wrong to cast aspersions for political advantage and then refuse any responsibility for words that slander people just trying to make our country better and heal the wounds caused by selfish, nihilistic individuals bent on destroying our freedom.

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