From Pipi’s Pasture: A mother’s love

Diane Prather
Pipi's Pasture

Mother’s Day is this Sunday. It’s the day that we pay tribute to Mothers, many who are also grandmothers and great-grandmothers. It goes without saying that we appreciate all that our mothers do for us, but we don’t say it enough. So it’s nice to have a day to thank Moms and remind ourselves about how special they are to us.

Mothers show us how much they love us, beginning when we’re infants and continuing right through adulthood. For example, a mother might…

*drop everything and drive to the middle school to deliver books to her seventh grader who left them on the kitchen table.

*cover her children with blankets when they’re napping (even if they’re in their 50s) and it isn’t even cold.

*put a “Have a good day” note in her child’s lunch sack, no matter if he/she is elementary-age, attending school, or a 20-year-old heading out to summer pasture to check cows.

*cheer at all of her child’s sporting events, even if they are held out of town.

*drive adult children crazy by calling when they have the sniffles to see how they’re feeling.

*drop everything to sew a costume for a school play, even though she’s given last minute notice.

*stay up all night rocking a toddler who is feverish.

*over-bake a sheet of peanut butter cookies because that’s the way her grown son likes them.

*comfort her child who has been bullied at school.

*help her child learn to make decisions, be responsible, and to have empathy for others.

*put a towel in a small box, making a bed for an abandoned kitten that her daughter has found.

*fix a place in the laundry room where a cat and her day-old kittens will be safe.

*take time to color/paint with her grandchildren.

*sew a leg back on a stuffed elephant toy.

*allow children to make a blanket tent/house that is spread out through the kitchen and dining room.

*help a preschooler learn colors, shapes, and letters.

*read her children’s favorite books to them over and over.

*cook some pizza pockets that family members can stuff in their pockets to enjoy later when they’re out and about.

*take her high schooler shopping to purchase a prom dress.

*search under the bed and in the closet, proving to her child that there are no monsters in the bedroom.

*use a flashlight to hunt outdoors for a cherished toy, left there during the day and remembered after dark.

*pore over photos and scrapbooks, including baby books, to share family history with children.

*join children when stomping in puddles and jumping in piles of raked-up fall leaves.

*wait patiently while children are at swimming, t-ball, gymnastics, and other athletic activities.

*help children find something fun to do when they complain that “we’re bored.”

*invite children to help mix-up, cut out, bake, and frost sugar cookies.

These days, Mothers often work outside the home as well as inside the home, and they do lots of things to help their children, no matter their ages. It’s all about a Mother’s love. Happy Mother’s Day!

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