Faith column: The issues are many, but the answer is simple |

Faith column: The issues are many, but the answer is simple

Tony Bohrer
Apostolic Lighthouse

When the giant redwood fell, everyone was amazed. It appeared to be perfectly healthy one minute, and the next it was fallen and destroyed.

As it is with science, men began to try to discover the reason for the trees sudden demise. An autopsy was ordered.

At the conclusion of the autopsy, it was revealed that somewhere in the early years of this tree’s life it had been injured. From all appearances, it has been stuck with lightning.

Over the years, it had continued to grow in spite of its injury. It covered the wound with new bark, grew wider and stronger and reached for the sky.

The problem was that this tree had received and injury that was damaging to its root structure. The higher it grew, the greater its jeopardy.

Then, one day a small breeze blew through the forest. It was not strong, not destructive, just a breeze. But it proved to be too much for the tree.

Even though its wound was old and covered, it had destroyed this tree’s future. The tree fell.

We are not much different than this tree, we have a tendency to try and cover the wounds and hide the scars, but in the end, if a contrary breeze blows, we fall.

Issues destroy. Issues condemn. Issues bring division and ruin. Issues bring isolation, seclusion and loneliness.

There was a woman in the bible that was diseased for over 12 years.

You would imagine that she tried to live her life as normal when her problems first began. But she was unable to maintain that life. She was unclean. Her uncleanness forbade her normalcy.

The biggest problems with issues are: They will isolate you! They will separate you from everything you love!

Don’t allow an issue to gain control of your life! Don’t allow it to cause you to betray your relationship with Christ or others!

The woman with the issue, this hemorrhaging, was a very personal and intimate matter. Much too embarrassing to be discussed before people, and she felt sure that Jesus would never touch her because of her issue.

In fact she wasn’t even supposed to be in the crowd that was around Jesus that day. Her issue was supposed to be the thing that isolated her, but desperation was driving her. That voice within her was screaming out, “He will never touch you”, but another voice was saying, ” maybe not, but if I could just touch Him.”

This woman’s condition is very similar to some of ours. She was diseased with an issue, and that issue was the point of separation between her and her cure. She could have allowed her issue to stand between her and her only means of restoration. But what that little woman did, is what I am hoping some of you will do in here today. She said issue or no issue. Law or no law. Rules or no rules. This may be my last opportunity to get well, and I refuse to allow this issue to control me.

I’m talking about the things that are keeping you from giving your life to God. Issues. Some of you are dealing with bitterness. Unforgiveness. Anger. Failed relationships. Some won’t live for God because the church is full of hypocrites. Others because preachers have failed. For some the church is too loud, for others it’s not loud enough. Some are being rocked to sleep in the present, while others are still being haunted by their past.

The issues are many, but the answer is simple. “He Himself took our infirmities and bore our sickness” ( Matt. 8:16-17 )

Twenty-three times it is recorded in the New Testament that Jesus healed all, or everyone.

The Bible declares that Jesus saw the woman. He saw her desperation. He saw her hopelessness. He saw her need, and He saw her faith. And when He saw her faith He had compassion.

I’d like to tell someone that the Lord cares for all. No matter how rejected, cut off, or ostracized you feel. No matter what the issue. Others may consider you unclean, dirty, polluted, contaminated, or lost forever. To everybody else you may be diseased with an issue, but to God you are precious.

I encourage you to take a few moments and speak with Jesus today. Be honest with Him and allow Him an opportunity to heal your issues.

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