Beverly Johnson: Tori Zimmerman Pingley right choice for clerk |

Beverly Johnson: Tori Zimmerman Pingley right choice for clerk

I worked in the Moffat County Clerk’s Office from 1978 to 2003 (the first 18 years as the recorder and the last four as Moffat county clerk). I have worked with both candidates currently running for Moffat county clerk. I heard it said throughout my years in the clerk’s office, “It is her turn to run,” usually referring to the number of years a person has worked there. It is never anyone’s “turn” to run. A person should only be a candidate for the office if he or she has the qualifications and desire to run. Being there for 20-plus years and only having experience in one department does not make that person the most qualified candidate.

The best candidate for the county clerk’s position should have the following qualifications: experience in every department, ability to handle the stress of the position, good decision-making skills, a team leader, great customer skills and professionalism, both in and out of of the office. The clerk should be able to listen to feedback from the public and the staff and be open to ideas on how to improve customer service and wisely use her budget.

Tori Pingley has all these qualifications.

  • Prior to being employed by the clerk’s office, she had a position with a title research company that provided surface and mineral ownership title to individuals and oil and gas companies. She researched the records in the Moffat County Recording Department and gained extensive knowledge in that department.
  • After leaving that job, she was hired as a clerk in the Moffat county clerk’s Motor Vehicle Department and assisted in the Election Department.
  • She was later promoted to election coordinator.
  • In addition, Tori does the daily and monthly bookkeeping for the entire office, sits in as clerk to the board of county commissioners, issues marriage licenses and helps customers in the recording and motor vehicle departments.
  • She can multitask, use common sense in solving problems and handles the stress of the day-to-day operations of the office very well. She is accountable and provides great customer service.

Tori was born and raised in Moffat County and is involved in the community (United Way, Young Professionals and T-ball coach). She truly cares about Moffat County and its citizens.

The primary on June 26 will decide who will be the new county clerk. Absentee ballots were mailed to all registered Republicans and unaffiliated voters June 4. Please take the time to vote, and vote Tori Zimmerman Pingley as your next Moffat County Clerk. You will not regret it.

Beverly Johnson

former Moffat County clerk