Balloon Festival Committee: Thanks for making festival a success |

Balloon Festival Committee: Thanks for making festival a success

The Moffat County Balloon Festival committee would like to say a great big thank you to the dedicated sponsors of the ninth annual Moffat County Balloon Festival. The pilots would like to add another very warm and appreciative thank you to the sponsors and locals who came out to crew in the rain on Friday and then in the sunshine on Saturday.

The committee that organizes this event is on a totally volunteer basis, but it’s the sponsors who make the event happen. Without your support, this annual event would not be possible. It is our fervent hope that local businesses will continue to support this event, as next year is our 10th annual Moffat County Balloon Festival, and it promises to be stellar!

A very big thank you to the spectators that came to watch the balloons that flew and participated in the other activities going on in the park. he band did a great job Saturday night, and those who did not brave the winds missed out. We would also like to thank our newest addition, the Northwest Colorado Health Rubber Ducky Race, for partnering with our event, and we also deeply appreciate our continuing partnership with the Colorado Cruisers Car Show.

Safety is always our primary concern.For balloons to fly safely, we must have light winds, no precipitation, and certainly no cumulonimbus clouds with associated thunder and lightning! Lightning can travel more than 50 miles, and winds associated with storms and storm fronts can also be very dangerous to balloons on the ground or in the air. So, even when it seems calm on the ground, remember, the winds aloft can be quite different. Though we struggled with Mother Nature once again, we were thrilled the balloons did get to fly on Saturday, even if delayed. Those of you who slept in a little this year may have seen the balloons over the valley.

The MCBF committee would like to take credit for the much needed rains that came to our area this past weekend. You are all most welcome! The 32 pilots certainly understood our need for rain, as they love the beauty and hospitality of our valley. The pilots come to this event for the warm community feel of Craig, for a chance to fly the Yampa Valley, and for you. If the pilots are willing to return every year, as a community, we need to continue to attend and support this activity. The MCBF is a spectacular event to have in our own backyard, and we are looking forward to a great balloon event, coupled with phenomenal weather, for the 10th annual Moffat County Balloon Festival 2019!

See you there!

Moffat County Balloon Festival Committee

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