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A Tweets-mas Miracle

How I managed to find the video game version of gold

The Playstation 5 is a very hard to find commodity

Sundays and Mondays are typically my weekend, which is why I was hanging out last Monday, watching YouTube, while talking to a friend from college. It was around 9 p.m, so I was not planning on going out again that night.

But then she brought up how she couldn’t find a Playstation 5 anywhere — something that many across the country are dealing with. We kept talking about it, and how the holiday season is coming up, so she was trying to get one for her father. We also talked about how the prices for resold PS5s on eBay were exorbitant, with many priced north of $1,000. A price that needless to say I was not prepared to pay. And with that, I thought I would have to wait until at least the week before Christmas, for there to be a restock for those still buying presents.

So, what does any millennial do when they want to find something? Check Twitter, of course. I found a flurry of tweets about when the PS5 will be restocked. One such tweet talked about how their local Walmart was restocking the system. That gave me the idea to call Craig’s Walmart to see if by some miracle they had some in stock. The helpful employee who answered broke the news: they had two left in stock. I hung up, put my Kyrie Irving sneakers on and drove over there as quickly, safely, and legally as humanly possible. To my great relief, they did not sell out of both consoles before I arrived.

The last console I had was an Xbox 360, which I left at home in New York City for my brother to play. To find a PS5 despite their rarity brought an excitement that I had been looking forward to for a very long time. I remember my boss last summer at a job in NYC, telling me that the console was backwards compatible all the way back to the original PlayStation, which piqued my curiosity,. I was hoping that meant I could play the greatest sports video game of all time: MVP Baseball 2005. Unfortunately, that is not the case. I’ll have to settle for MLB The Show 20, which I’ve discovered after a few hours is a pretty fun game. If you are reading this Rob Manfred, please take the exclusivity out of the license, and let EA Sports and Sony San Diego compete.

Getting back to the story, once I got home, I called another college buddy and Facetimed as I was opening the box and plugging it in. I won’t lie to you, dear readers, I got really excited when the system started to boot up. The icing on the cake, though, was when I put MLB in and it had me play, Nationals vs Astros, striking out the Astros 1-2-3, including Jose Altuve, with Max Scherzer and then hitting three home runs in the first inning, with Nats stars Juan Soto, Trea Turner and Adam Eaton.

So, in conclusion, needless to say I know what I’m doing after work for the next few weeks.

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