Youth wrestling grabs huge attention Saturday in Craig |

Youth wrestling grabs huge attention Saturday in Craig

Blake Juergens, of the Moffat County Youth Wrestling team, stays on top of his opponent during the Levi Weber Memorial Peewee Tournament Saturday in the Moffat County High School gym. The event had 415 total kids competing, including host MCYW, Bad Dogs Wrestling and Moffat County Independents.

While the temperature was frigid outside Saturday, the inside of the Moffat County High School was like a furnace with the enthusiasm of countless families and friends of young grapplers attending the Levi Weber Memorial Peewee Tournament, hosted by the Moffat County Youth Wrestling program.

The huge turnout included 415 kids from 18 teams, the biggest yet for the event, and athletes from Craig and Moffat County were in the thick of it, walking away with 27 total gold medals, 27 silver and 23 bronze.

The majority of these went to the hosting group, 16 of the wrestlers in MCYW winning their weight classes, with those 8 and younger going early in the morning and the older competitors in the afternoon, as many as eight matches at a time taking place.

MCYW’s Dylan Zimmerman was among those who took dual victories, both in the 12 and under and 14 and under divisions, wrestling in honor of cousin Levi Weber, the tourney’s namesake.

Koy Weber also took a win in the 6U group on behalf of his late uncle.

“When he pinned both of the kids in his bracket I couldn’t help to think that if Levi was still with us he would be so proud, but we know he was watching over Koy and all of us,” said Koy’s mother, Kelly.

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Logan Hafey went 3-1 during the day to claim second place in the 12U 100-103 class.

"It's really big," he said, referring to the noise from the sizable crowd after winning his first match by an 11-6 decision against Meeker's Dax Sheridan.

In the last two weeks, local kids have traveled to Rangely and Rifle, but the home meet was far bigger, not to mention more convenient, Hafey said.

"It's a lot less driving," he laughed.

The Moffat County Independents and Bad Dogs Wrestling competed as well, the former winning five first place honors and the latter six.

Among the Bad Dogs who did the best was Scooter Hicks, one of a number of girls who tore up the tourney, winning three straight rounds by pin in the 10U 82-91 group.

"It feels really good," she said of the chance to compete her hardest against a bunch of boys.

MCYW coach Mark Voloshin was pleased with all the day's matches and the effort put forth by athletes.

"They did a lot of good things today, and it was great to bring out our two new mats," he said.

He added that the many people making everything go smoothly was also good to see.

"The volunteers, the parents, the sponsors, we sure appreciate everybody's help," Voloshin said.

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Levi Weber Memorial Peewee Tournament local results

Bad Dogs Wrestling

Age group, weight class: Athlete — Ranking

4U, 38-42: Khodee Martinez — 5th

6U, 41-42: Abraham Aguilar — 2nd

6U, 45-47: Kaison Martinez — 1st

6U, 49-50: Orion Musser — 3rd

8U, 48-50: Ayden Piatt — 3rd

8U, 50-52: Orion Musser — 5th

8U, 53-54: Liam Letsinger — 3rd

8U, 57-57 A: Aron Aguilar — 5th

8U, 58-61: Wyatt Schell — 3rd

8U, 60-62: Kaeden Martinez — 1st

8U, 88-96: Bennett Powell — 2nd

8U, 88-96: Denny Piatt — 1st

10U, 59-63: Noah Duran — 2nd

10U, 60-61: Kaeden Martinez — 1st

10U, 63-66: Bradley James — 3rd

10U, 78-82: Steven Powell — 1st

10U, 82-91: Scooter Hicks — 1st

10U, 87-90: Denny Piatt — 5th

12U, 70-72: Colton Jones — 4th

12U, 73-78: Anthony Duran — 3rd

14U, 72-81: Phoenix Harris — 2nd

Moffat County Independents

4U, 32-37: Chance Hixson — 5th

8U, 67-73: Cyrus Goldsmith — 3rd

10U, 56-59 A: Kaden Hixson — 1st

10U, 59-63: Eli Fredrickson — 1st

10U, 64-64: Eli Fredrickson — 1st

10U, 78-82: Ezra Phillips — 2nd

12U, 57-59: Kaden Hixson — 1st

12U, 63-66: Hunter Fredrickson — 1st

Moffat County Youth Wrestling

4U, 39-44: Dylon Reno — 3rd

4U, 45-50: Caleb Bennett — 4th

6U, 39-42: Jesse Terry — 1st

6U, 40-42: Paxton Hartung — 3rd

6U, 41-42: Dalton Wies — 1st

6U, 42-43: Bransen Zulian — 3rd

6U, 43-45: Stryker Witherall — 2nd

6U, 45-45: Kaleb Dildine — 3rd

6U, 45-45: Kelton Evens — 1st

6U, 45-47: Deagan Martinez — 2nd

6U, 47-48 A: Haven Carr — 2nd

6U, 50-51: Koy Weber — 1st

6U, 51-52: Toby Goodwin — 1st

8U, 43-45: Josh Neal — 5th

8U, 48-49: Iesha Martinez — 3rd

8U, 48-50: Ty Ivy — 2nd

8U, 50-52: Josh Neal — 5th

8U, 53-54: Cydney Witherall — 4th

8U, 54-55: Cody Dade — 4th

8U, 56-56: Kaleb Duzik — 2nd

8U, 57-57 A: Jim Neal — 5th

8U, 57-57 B: Tanner McLean — 2nd

8U, 57-59: Colt Call — 1st

8U, 58-61: Koy Dilldine — 5th

8U, 60-62: Kolbee Cheek — 3rd

8U, 60-62: Noah Beason — 4th

8U, 59-63: Zane Herod — 3rd

8U, 61-65: Klayton Baker — 6th

8U, 61-65: Kannon Gustin — 6th

8U, 67-73: Brendon Wait — 2nd

8U, 70-73: Clayton Vandersluis — 4th

8U, 83-88: Wyatt Dade — 3rd

8U, 83-88: Memphis Herndon — 2nd

10U, 54-56: Gage Jones — 3rd

10U, 56-59 A: Jim Neal — 3rd

10U, 60-61: Jevon Vigil — 2nd

10U, 64-64: Brody Wiser — 2nd

10U, 66-68: Caden Call — 1st

10U, 69-71: Carter Behrman — 2nd

10U, 82-91: Mathew Loyd — 2nd

10U, 87-90: Billy Lawton — 2nd

10U, 87-90: Issac Vallem — 3rd

10U, 91-95: Michael Voloshin — 2nd

10U, 91-95: Chayton McDonald — 4th

10U, 98-103: Ian Hafey — 2nd

10U, 98-103: Pepper Rhyne — 1st

12U, 57-59: Logan Montgomery — 2nd

12U, 63-66: Kael Poe — 2nd

12U, 70-72: Adriel Vigil — 3rd

12U, 70-72: Dylan Zimmerman — 1st

12U, 73-78: Blake Juergens — 1st

12U, 76-81: Joe Neal — 1st

12U, 81-84: Ryan Duzik — 2nd

12U, 85-90: Brock Hartung — 2nd

12U, 85-90: Coltyn Terry — 1st

12U, 91-94: Kaleb Cheek — 4th

12U, 91-94: Ethan Hafey — 3rd

12U, 94-100: Tucker Zimmerman — 3rd

12U, 100-103: Logan Hafey — 2nd

12U, 108-111: Tarren Teeter — 3rd

12U, 115-123: Sean Byers — 1st

12U, 115-123: Jace Booco — 4th

12U, 134-149: Brayden Barton — 1st

14U, 72-81: Dylan Zimmerman — 1st

14U, 88-94: Gage Kawcak — 2nd

14U, 98-111: Kameron Baker — 2nd

14U, 98-111: Keaton Durbin — 3rd

14U, 131-135: Zach Patterson — 1st