Youth should get recreation ‘from book learning’ |

Youth should get recreation ‘from book learning’

To the Editor:

We do not need a new recreation center. If there is a need of one, use some of the vacant buildings around town. If a new center is built, our kids, grandkids, etc., will be paying for it for the rest of their lives.

Several years back, Richard Shaler built a new roller skating rink for the kids. As soon as the new wore off and they became bored, they trashed it. The same thing happened when the Peroulises put on a teen center. The kids didn’t respect it.

Let the kids get recreation from book learning, community service, the ice rink, etc.

Whenever the city or county wants something new, they raise taxes with the promise of dropping the tax later — it never happens. If this center is built, it is certain to have a sizeable user fee.

Every time a newspaper comes out, it says how short the county is of revenue. It would make more sense to save money in these depressed times.

Many people here are out of work and having a really hard time taking care of their families. Gasoline, natural gas, etc., are going up.

Have some compassion, stop thinking that we all have bottomless pockets full of money.

Think of all the elderly people who have given their all to Craig and its residents. Get out and work for getting our nursing home back and operating. People want their elderly loved ones back in Craig.

Recreation — no.

Nursing home — yes.

Darlene Moore,


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