Youth more positive than thought |

Youth more positive than thought

To the Editor,
We often hear negative things about the young people of today, but I would like to relate an experience with one of Craig’s own fine youngsters this recently.
My husband and I were visiting his parents. His mother is suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease and had walked out of the house undetected. I went looking for her and found her outside at the bottom of the porch steps.
With her was the sweetest young girl, probably around 11 or 12. She was holding “Grandma’s” hand and talking to her. The girl, whose name I failed to get, was collecting canned food for the food bank when she came upon my mother-in-law. She apparently found her standing there, not knowing what to do next. She could have walked away and left her, but she didn’t. She was trying to help her back up the steps.
I was so impressed with the kindness revealed in the girl’s sweet face and her concern for my mother-in-law. I am sorry I didn’t get her name. I hope somebody recognizes her in this letter and can convey our deep appreciation to her.
Fran Rutherford,
Black Forest, Colo.