Youth baseball association receives grant |

Youth baseball association receives grant

Bruce Tippets

— The Craig Police Department recently gave a grant to the Craig Youth Baseball Association to help upgrade a batting cage behind the Craig Middle School baseball field.

“I became involved in working with Craig Youth Baseball earlier this year,” said Sgt. Henry Stoffel on Friday. “We saw a need to improve the batting cage, and part of the goal of the police department is to improve the quality of life of everyone in the community such as having alternative activities for the young kids to help keep them off the street where they get into trouble. If I can do something to avoid that, I will help in any way.”

Stoffel said the police department is pleased to help with the batting cage project.

“Fortunately, we had grants become available through the Colorado Regional Community Police Institute for up to $2,000 through the division of the Criminal Justice Department,” Stoffel said. “I presented a grant request through them to assist in the construction of the batting cage and we got the grant earlier in the week.

“We are pleased that we were able to present the check to Craig Youth Baseball Association and assist in this project.”

Craig Youth Baseball Association President Wayne Estey said the batting cage will come in handy when the fields are too muddy to be used.

The association will concrete the batting cage and purchase a new net and a new stand. They will also put carpet in the batting cage and add a pitching net as well.

“If the fields are full of mud, the players can still go in and take some swings,” Estey said.

According to Estey, Craig Youth Baseball has also got a lot of help from other business around town.

“We also raised another $1,000 from various business that contributed to this project,” said Estey. “We are going to make a sign on the side of the batting cage that will have the businesses or names that contributed to this project.”

Craig Youth Baseball Association treasurer Mark Field said the town is supporting the baseball association.

“We have had a lot of success with the business around town,” said Field. “We would really like to thank all the community for the support that they have given to Craig Youth Baseball.”