Young golfers take over Yampa Valley Golf Course |

Young golfers take over Yampa Valley Golf Course

Nate Waggenspack

In spite of their baggier golf clothes and smaller clubs, youth golfers showed they have skills to spare Tuesday.

Players from across Northwest Colorado came to the Yampa Valley Golf Course to participate in the Yampa River Junior Classic.

The one-day tournament featured players from ages six to 17, and the youths showed off their skills while they had the course to themselves.

With 36 players participating in the various age groups, YVGC member and head of the tournament Dave Desarmeaux was happy with the turnout.

"We had a good turnout and the kids had a lot of fun," Desarmeaux said. "We had no problems. It was a good day."

Several players posted impressive scores during their respective rounds.

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In the boys 15-17 age group, Brandon Martin won by shooting a 75. Martin, 15, came from Steamboat Springs and was playing in the Junior Classic for the fifth time.

Martin's high school teammate, Sam Samlowski, placed second, shooting 80 on the day.

Martin said playing well came as part of enjoying the round.

"I was feeling good, I had a good day," he said. "Honestly, I just want to go out there and have fun. I try to make everybody laugh down the whole course."

In the girls 15-17 group, Caitlin Harjes posted a 99 to win.

The younger age groups had strong performances as well. Jake Lauinger shot a 76 in the boys 13-14 age group. Lauinger is from Houston, but visits Northwest Colorado every summer and has played in the last four Junior Classics.

"It's a tough course, there's a lot of people playing in the tournament too," Lauinger said. "I was pretty happy with the way I played, I putted really well. Didn't hit as many greens as I would like, but it still worked."

In the boys 10-12 group, Holden Kleager and Jacob Smith each shot 39 on the front nine, and Kleager won in a playoff. Masi Smith won the girls 10-12 group, shooting 46.

David Andujo shot a 30 in the 8-9 age group, which played the course's first six holes. In the 5-7 group, Jim Neal, 6, shot a 23 on holes 16, 17 and 18.

Desarmeaux was impressed with the level of play displayed by many of the participants.

"There were some good golfers here," he said. "There was at least one in each group that looked like they stood out, the 75, 76. And in the 8-9, that 30 by David Andujo was really good."

Players said the course was in good condition for their play, and aside from the wind picking up at times, the weather was good for playing golf.

"It was perfect out there," Martin said. The course was in good condition so it was easy. It was a good day."

Each participant got a Yampa Valley Golf Course cap, and first through third in each age group received a trophy and a gift certificate to the pro shop. While he did play well, Samlowski said the awards just sweetened a fun day of golf.

"That was our whole goal when we came in," he said. "We were talking on the putting green and saying, 'Whatever we do today, we're going to have fun. Whatever happens, happens.'

"It happened to be good today."

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Yampa River Junior Classic Results …

Boys 15-17 (18 holes)

Brandon Martin – 75

Sam Samlowski – 80

Chris Kling – 106

Riley Brodie – 110

Jake Bingham – 112

Kyler Wilbanks – 124

Colten Yoast – 124

Calvin Shepherd – 132

Girls 15-17 (18 holes)

Caitlin Harjes – 99

Katie Rice – 108

Katelyn Peroulis – 127

Boys 13-14 (18 holes)

Jake Lauinger – 76

Mike Bingham – 86

Peyton Jacobson – 91

Linc Kleager – 93

Nick Burri – 102

Riley Oleary – 139

Boys 10-12 (9 holes)

Holden Kleager – 39

Jacob Smith – 39

Logan Hughes – 58

Luke Pleasant – 68

Cody Pleasant – 76

Spencer Rice – 77

Dylan Chalmers – 78

Grady Anson – 79

Girls 10-12 (9 holes)

Masi Smith – 46

Elly Walters – 51

Sicily Belcastro – 78

Boys 8-9 (6 holes)

David Andujo – 30

Holden Beckett – 37

Ryan Peck – 51

Joe Neal – 52

Boys 5-7 (3 holes)

Jim Neal – 23

Adam Clark – 25

Ky Ramos – 28

Garrett Anson – 30


“There were some good golfers here. There was at least one in each group that looked like they stood out, the 75, 76. And in the 8-9, that 30 by David Andujo was really good.”

—Dave Desarmeaux, Yampa Vally Golf Course member, about the good rounds put together by youth golfers in the Yampa River Junior Classic