Yellow curbs in Craig create conversation |

Yellow curbs in Craig create conversation

Patrick Kelly
City Road and Bridge workers Thomas Noble and Taft Cleverly spray a curb on Yampa Avenue Tuesday.
Patrick Kelly

City road and bridge workers are out on Craig’s streets for the yearly ritual of painting the curbs yellow at intersections.

As spring begins and the paint starts to chip away, crews go out with pressure washers and paint sprayers to paint the 25 feet of curb approaching intersections.

Previously, the city painted midblock at driveways as well, but that changed this year after some discussion by city council.

“Just the corners where we need to mark them so people try not to park there and we get a sight triangle to prevent accidents,” said Road and Bridge Director Randy Call, explaining what is being painted.

The requirement to paint the curbs comes from the federal Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, which Call said the city endorsed years ago.

Because the paint chips away every year and has to be replaced, city council members were discussing alternatives that might be a little more aesthetically pleasing and more effective.

“I just don’t like the way it looks,” said councilor Tony Bohrer.

Call said he estimates the city spent about $10,000 on the project this year.

The paint used, which Call said he bought for about $3,000 this year, is the main issue of the repainting problem.

“We can’t have an oil-based paint like we used for years and years that stayed on the curbs,” he said. “Back then we didn’t even paint them every year.”

The alternative to painting the curbs bright yellow would be to install signs to identify the no parking zones, the cost of which would be about $50,000.

But Call said that signs lead to the problem of sign pollution, and people tend ignore signs when there are too many of them.

Mayor Ray Beck said city council needed to tell road and bridge how to proceed with meeting regulations and he thinks it made the right decision.

“I think we actually came to a compromise,” he said. “As opposed to painting as much as we had done in the past, I think we’re going to cut back on the area off the curb.”

Councilor Joe Bird said city council would probably continue to discuss the yellow curbs.

“I believe it will be another conversation we’ll end up having further on in this year, especially when we get to go into budget session,” Joe Bird said.

Contact Patrick Kelly at 970-875-1795 or Contact Patrick Kelly at 970-875-1795 or or follow him on Twitter @M_PKelly.Contact Patrick Kelly at 970-875-1795 or or follow him on Twitter @M_PKelly.

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