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Yampa Valley Golf’s Bar for the Course shoots for success

Jennifer Koepfer, right, and daughter Sammy toast to the opening of Bar for the Course. The eatery is the new restaurant at Yampa Valley Golf Course.

Slowly but surely, the eatery space at Yampa Valley Golf Course has been growing as new restaurant management Jennifer Koepfer sets her sights on making the spot a desired spot for golfers and casual diners alike.

Koepfer’s Bar for the Course Pub and Grill has been operational at YVGC since about mid-April, and the introduction to the space that has previously been held by Tin Cup Grill and Mulligan’s has been positive so far.

Koepfer, who operates a variety of food service businesses in Steamboat Springs, was first approached by the golf course board of directors last fall about setting up shop.

“Their biggest concern was, ‘can you make this an atmosphere where people want to come out, enjoy it, sit and eat?'” she said.

Part of that came with a remodel of the restaurant area, which has new décor as well as a revamped seating area that splits the dining area from the bar area, creating more of a lounge.

Koepfer’s menu keeps it simple with the motto “Good food for good people” and features burgers, sandwiches and salads among other items, including homemade pastries.

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While the restaurant has been open during lunch hours, a soft opening for dinner patrons is planned for May 31 with a larger event June 1.

“One thing I’ve really learned is that people in Craig really want meat, and nine out of 10 people who have popped their heads in have asked, ‘are you going to have steaks?'” she laughed.

The type of locale is a shift for Koepfer, who has a staff of about 10 at the site, including her daughter, Sammy.

“I’ve never worked at a golf course before, so it’s a big learning curve for me, since I also don’t golf, but I do want to golf,” she said.

A recent tour on the snack cart provided a greater look at the links.

“That really opened my eyes to how beautiful everything is out here. It’s really kind of a quiet little gem, and it’s great for people to come out here whether they’re golfing or not,” she said. “There’s eagles, there’s owls, there’s cranes, more variety of ducks than I’ve ever seen. It’s all amazing.”

The hours of operation are still in transition — the eatery will likely offer fewer items on Mondays and Tuesdays with more available midweek and weekends.

“Memorial Day will probably give us an idea of the demand for that,” she said. “It all depends on the support we get from the community. We’re doing a lot of listening right now and seeing what they want. We’re going to go one day at a time, one week at a time and see what works.”

The changes in recent years at the course and its restaurant are what Koepfer hopes to shake up.

“I’d really like to see everything come to bloom here, because I know it used to be a really happening place, and it quietly went dormant,” she said. “I really want to win back any people who stopped coming out here and say, ‘hey, we’d love to have you back.’ The club and the board and Jeff in the pro shop have all been great and super supportive, and I think it’s time to get things going.”

For more information, call 970-824-0277 or visit https://www.facebook.com/Bar-For-The-Course-Pub-And-Grill-194180958036103/.