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Y2K bug may not have real bite

To the Editor

To the Editor,
The year 2000 is almost here. Much progress has been made in the battle of the Millennium Bug and a lot of money has been spent on this potential problem. Attitudes and predictions of what may happen have changed drastically. Public utility providers feel that they will continue to operate normally and provide reliable service. President Clinton’s council on Y2K conversion assures us that there will not be any national “show stoppers” due to Y2K. National surveys indicate that most people are no longer afraid of Y2K.
I have been overseeing Moffat County’s Y2K emergency planning for the past year, and have seen a lot of progress. Within Moffat County government operations, electronic systems have been evaluated and tested, upgraded or replaced if needed, and there is very little left for us to do other than wait for Y2K to arrive.
This is all very good news, but the Y2K “bottom line” still remains unchanged. The bottom line is that nobody knows for sure what will happen when the calendar changes to the year 2000.
Being prepared for an emergency is always a good idea. In Northwest Colorado. I don’t think there are too many people who would consider it foolish to be prepared for a severe winter storm in January. The possible emergency scenarios for Y2K are very similar to those for severe winter storms. The best advice I can give to the public is to be prepared for a severe winter storm by having enough supplies on hand to last at least 72 hours. If you are prepared for a 72-hour emergency, it would appear that you are probably in pretty good shape for potential Y2K emergencies.
Information on 72-hour family emergency kits can be obtained fom the local Red Cross or Office of Emergency Management, which are both located at the Moffat County Sheriff’s Department, which is in the Moffat County Courthouse. People who have concerns about Y2K may call 824-4495.
Clyde Anderson,
Moffat C:ounty Office of Emergency Management