Workshop eliminates county, city controversy |

Workshop eliminates county, city controversy

Tyler Baskfield

— It appears a workshop has eliminated rezoning controversy between the City of Craig and Moffat County.

The Moffat County Board of Commissioners, Moffat County Planning and Zoning Board, representatives from the City of Craig and interested parties took a field trip Tuesday for a workshop at the truck bypass north of Craig.

The purpose of the workshop was to review the property that borders the bypass and decide a plan for rezoning the property in the future.

The City of Craig was upset by a Moffat County decision to rezone a parcel of property bordering the bypass as light industrial without city officials’ input.

As it stands, the property bordering the bypass is zoned for agricultural uses. The Planning and Zoning Board wanted both city and county input on the process after confusion in the county Planning and Zoning Department led to the city being left out of the zoning process earlier this year. The property lining the bypass falls inside and outside of the urban development boundary. Officials for the city, which would provide utilities to any construction in the urban development boundary, was concerned about the oversight. Neither entity wants the property to become a problem in the future.

“They just had a workshop,” said Judith Orton, Moffat County Planning Department secretary. “They are just trying to develop a philosophy for that area, a little bit of future planning for what is going to happen in the future.”

According to Orton, the city and county agreed a commercial zone next to the bypass with residential property behind it would be the most beneficial for the area.

Holmes Shefstead and Guy Shefstead, who own 16 acres of the property that lines the bypass, have already applied to the county for a zone change from agricultural to commercial for the parcel.

“The idea was to identify the property that lines the bypass and set a plan how to use it in the future,” said Holmes Shefstead of the workshop. “We are going to all work together and figure out what will work there the best.”

Dave Costa, City of Craig community development director, is pleased with the progress that the city and county have made when it comes to rezoning this stretch of property. Costa has been working on the project since June and feels comfortable with the plan to rezone the property as commercial in the future.

“I feel that it is probably the best use for the land that runs along the bypass,” said Costa. “Both entities (City of Craig and Moffat County) are in agreement that it is the path that we should end up taking.”


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