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Words’ worth: Young Craig writers show off skills in Carol Jacobson poetry contest

Carol Jacobson

CRAIG — On Dec. 20 a large crowd of eighth-grade students, teachers and parents gathered at Downtown Books to listen to poems read by the winners of the Carol Jacobson Memorial Middle School Poetry Contest.

Kaia Gunderson won first place for her poem, “Dreams.” Second place went to Anna Jaynes for her poem titled “Drowning.” Third place was awarded to Reese Weber for a poem called “Fear.” Five honorable mentions were also selected.

Jacobson, a fervent supporter of the arts in Craig and a talented poet in her own right, began the contest about 15 years ago. She owned Downtown Books until her death in 2009.

Members of the Craig Poetry Society judged the contest, and the Northwest Colorado Chapter of Parrot Heads provided prize money.

Following are the poems penned by the first-, second- and third-place winners, as well as the submissions that garnered honorable mention accolades.

First Place
By Kaia Gunderson

I stash myself inside my mind
My dreams are a whirlpool
The ones outside declare me as weird
I just like to be me inside
I am the quiet girl in the back
The one who does not fit in
I can not fit in because
It would destroy the beauty that is me.
I walk home and I still dream on
Celebrating that which is me
My eyes are like stars as I see
My dreams and nothing else

Second Place
By Anna Jaynes

She feels lost in a thick fog
Outside, the lightning blinds and the thunder deafens
It blocks the hammering reminders in her head
She is tired of trying to pretend
She is exhausted from keeping the fake face
Her face is a lie, a shield, her mask,
It is suffocating
She needs a rest from the lies, the doubts
She welcomes the tears, her luscious comfort
They soon turn to rivers
Leaving tracks down her face
She drifts to her room, collapses onto her bed
Blankets caress her firmly,
Welcoming her
She hopes the alarm clock keeps quiet
It is the key to tranquility

Third Place
By Reese Weber

I fear failure,
Criticism weighs me down,
Disappointment fulfills its potential,
People’s words can be as hurtful as a punch to the face.

Simple mistakes are excruciating to my mind,
Regret fills my body,
Mistakes can be made,
Life goes on to better things.

Others words can hurt me,
In the end it will only make me stronger,
Knock me down a thousand times,
I will get up a thousand and one.

Honorable Mention
Rippled Water
By Devon Garduno

Calm before the storm
Calm before the wind
Calm before the rain
Calm before rippled water

Soon leaves will fall from the winds
Soon puddles will form from the rain
The storm will form rippled water

The storm brought heaps of snow
Kids play and cheer over frost on their eyebrows
The snowman on Aspen and First Street got bigger
And rippled water froze over.

Honorable Mention
Autumn’s Mixed Emotions
By Halle Hamilton

Bright colors appear as green turns to orange, yellow and red,
Leaves fall with Winter grabbing them from their limbs,
Fall brings mixed emotions as the air cools into crisp clear breathes.

Leaves crunch beneath our feet,
Air stands still as if Winter whispered,
Ice crystals are shimmering diamonds in the air,
A single leaf falls beneath as a blanket on the floor.

Morning fog bombards our early risings,
Apple cider warms your insides,
Pumpkins are Autumn’s decor,
Blackbirds gather to journey South,
Autumn brings mixed emotions.

Honorable Mention
First Snow

By Shaylee Patterson

In her authority,
She darts back and forth.
Every waking hour an unchanged routine, not a soul knows her name.
She reminisces her minority.
To dash in the snow, to feel ginger sizzle in her mouth, to feel the aroma of hot chocolate
When around the brilliant flame lit brightly.

“Winter hasn’t shown his face, Within this
horrid, hell-like place”

Her childhood has packed and gone away,
“Everything vigorous will never stay.”
But while on her daily routine,
The clouds thought of something keen.
They struggled with the sun,
Diamonds began to trickle down.
And so did happiness all around.

Honorable Mention
Long Cold Winter Days
By Emma Knez

White powder blowing into my helmet
My toes as cold as ice
Snowmobilies are my passion
Snow pants are my fashion
Three layers of clothes fighting to keep my body warm
Snowflakes getting caught on my eyelashes
Side-hilling with tones of snow piling up on my lap,

My mask has turned to ice due to breathing and the wind
I feel as if it’s only me and my snowmachine against the whole mountain
Dodging trees as if it is a game
It’s peaceful to hear that loud motor roar
A time of cold will forever be in my soul
What if my life is only free during the long winter days?
Time flies by but another day will come

Honorable Mention
Oceanside Sunset
By Olivia Profumo

When fire clashes with water
It’s not all gory or grim
It anything, it gives light to beauty
Every day, same time, same place.

The clouds like cotton balls
Soak up the scarlet and tangerine spills as they spread
The beckoning ocean kisses the sand
The darkening ocean halves the sun

Soon enough the sky will be clean
A blank slate for tomorrow.
As the biggest star sets,
A million others come out to play.

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