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Words from wrestlers: Moffat County seniors thank supporters

The Moffat County High School wrestling team's Thursday dual with Glenwood Springs was cancelled, which would have included a Senior Night ceremony. The Craig Press compiled photos of senior wrestlers from throughout the season. Clockwise, from top left: Drake Zimmerman, Karson Cox, Miki Klimper, Toryn Hume, Ethan Powers, Elias Peroulis, Chris Moschetti.
Andy Bockelman

A change in the schedule for Moffat County High School wrestling meant that the final home event between Bulldog grapplers and Glenwood Springs wouldn’t take place. That also meant the team’s oldest members wouldn’t get the chance to be honored as part of the Senior Night tradition.

Nevertheless, MCHS senior wrestlers wanted the opportunity to give thanks to those who have provided them support throughout the season and their many years in the sport.

Drake Zimmerman

“I’d like to thank my mom for making such wonderful meals and being a positive influence, my dad for all the time and effort that he’s done and all my coaches from peewees on up.”

Elias Peroulis

“I definitely want to thank my parents, and my whole wrestling career has been one heck of a ride. Couldn’t have done it without my peewee coaches, Robby and Chad and Billy Bingham, in middle school Ron Linsacum, then up into high school Mark Voloshin, Mark Zimmerman, Tanner Linsacum, Daniel Cramblett, Dennis Fredrickson, Tyler Seislove. All of them have been a big part of wrestling to me.”

Chris Moschetti

“I’d like to thank my aunt and uncle for always supporting me, starting me out young and helping me grow. I’d like to thank all our coaches from peewees all the way up. They’ve all helped us with a lot of support and making us who we are today.”

Miki Klimper

“My best words would have to go to my family. My brothers and sisters have been there for me for everything, no matter what it is. My dad and my mom have pushed me, taken me everywhere, spent lots of money to go to these big competitions and camps. My brother’s been there at any time to give a call after a tournament even if I didn’t want to hear it at the time. I’d like to thank my grandparents, too, and Shane Hadley and Mark Voloshin have taught me everything I know.”

Ethan Powers

“I want to thank my parents, my coaches from all the years through Bad Dogs to high school. They’re all ready good coaches, they’ve made me what I am, and I’m glad for it.”

Toryn Hume

“I’m thankful for my parents always following me everywhere, even Buena Vista regionals. My coaches, especially Mark Zimmerman and Mark Voloshin, have been a big part since seventh-grade and up, Dennis Fredrickson has been a big part teaching me a lot of stuff this year, and Tanner Linsacum and Daniel Cramblett. All of them have just been a big part of my wrestling career.”

Karson Cox

“I want to thank my mom and dad for all the support and all they’ve given me in this sport. I’d like to thank all my coaches throughout my high school career, I can’t thank them enough. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs in this sport, but I’m glad I did it. My shoulder’s been an issue, so I don’t know if I’ll return, but I’ll stand by these guys and wish them the best.”