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Wooden battlegrounds, funny baboon: Craig Middle School poets craft creative verse

Student work celebrated at Craig Middle School literacy night and in print in the Craig Press.
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CRAIG — Students at Craig Middle School have been working rigorously on analyzing published poems, prose, and poets’ purposes and inspiration, and they have applied their understanding by developing their own creative pieces of work.

On Dec. 19, parents were invited to Literacy Night to celebrate the hard work and achievements of students, who also received extra credit in their language arts class for attending.

The best work from each class is being published by the Craig Press, beginning with the best poems, as selected by English language arts instructors and written by sixth- and seventh-grade students.

Sixth- and seventh-grade students immersed themselves in a poetry unit, during which they examined the rhythm and structure of poetry, as well as many poetic devices, including figurative language and poetic elements.

Taking top honors within their classes were seventh-grader Grady Wooden and sixth-grader Sam Vanmeter.

For eighth-graders, teachers also selected the top literary essay.

Editor’s note: Student work is shared unedited to reflect their original writing. 

Wooden Floor

Grady Wooden

As I grab the cold handle

I feel the sense of stepping into another dimension

And this dimension is one that seems to freeze time for a while

And when your feet hit this court it is not made of tile though

It is made of wood, a wooden battle ground

There have been many battles here and if you just listen a little with your ears you can hear the sounds from the past

A cast of light shines through the upper windows like light from the heavens

And when a ball hits the court it makes the chilling sounds of boom, boom, boom

The old voice, the court, still speaks to the young and old

Has been spoken for years and years

The best part is the swish sound the ball and the net make when you score

This court makes me stare in awe

And all it is, is a wooden floor.

Pen and Paper Tape and Stapler

Sam Vanmeter

Life is a story written on paper,

With lots of pages might as well grab a stapler,

But be cautious the pages might tear,

On my way to get tape I’ll meet a mean bear,

Mr.bear isn’t friendly more like hungry,

My biggest regret, bringing my pet monkey,

I’ll try to protect him, I’ll try to fight,

I can’t find the solution this situation is tight,

Monkey will fight but not survive,

I’ll get the tape but my feelings will dive,

A world of loneliness a world of despair,

This unbearable pain is beyond repair,

I feel like I’m nothing without my best friend,

Maybe the story has come to an end,

Maybe my goal has leaped out of reach,

I’ll give up instead and eat a peach,

I try to cope but the sun won’t rise,

I’ll take a seat and stare at the skies,

I can’t sleep at night without my monkey,

He entertained me, he’s super funny,

A man once told me to get a new monkey,

But there’s just no monkey that’s just as funky,

But I’ll learn, adapt and get back on track,

The feeling of happiness I still lack,

Old monkey friend we will meet up soon,

Wait for me will ya? You funny baboon.

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