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Wolf spotted in Jackson County came from Wyoming pack

Staff Report
CPW officials are investigating a reported gray wolf sighting in Jackson County, as well as one in Grand County.
Colorado Parks and Wildlife/Courtesy Photo

The gray wolf recently photographed in Jackson County originally came from Wyoming, according to wildlife officials.

When photos of the wolf spread on social media this week, many people commented the wolf looked like it was wearing a color. They were right as the wolf has been confirmed by Wyoming Game and Fish to be a dispersing male from the state’s Snake River pack.

The collared wolf was last recorded by transmission signals on Feb. 12 during routine telemetry flights, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife. The agency said it will continue monitor the area in which the wolf was spotted, but officials are no longer actively tracking the wolf’s location.

Additionally, the agency will remain in communication with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the USDA Wildlife Services, Wyoming Game and Fish and local municipalities.Under the Endangered Species Act, harming, harassing or killing a gray wolf for any reason other than self-defense is illegal.