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Williams: Apathy ‘not an option’

To the editor:

Apathy is not an option this year when it comes time to vote. Apathy is the reason we are in the mess we have now.

We have watched the Washington, D.C., politicians trample our constitution, freedoms and use our tax dollars to bribe senators for votes to get legislation through that we, the people, didn’t want.

The Obama administration is beyond doubt the worst we have had. He has us on a fast track to socialism, and with control of both the Senate and Congress, we have watched our liberal representatives follow him over the cliff.

Our nation as we know it cannot survive another two years with that much control by the far left.

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Consider what has already passed: Health care we cannot pay for and didn’t want that has very little to do with health care and is all about control, and TARP bailouts that were $800 billion.

There is no such thing as too big to fail, and that includes governments.

Cap and trade, if passed, will put us back to third-world status when all of our jobs go to China. An energy policy that will increase our dependence on foreign oil from 60 to 70 percent to 90 percent or more.

A foreign policy that spits in the face of our allies and coddles our enemies. A total failure to deal with securing our borders, not just to illegal immigrants but to terrorists as well, because they want reform on their terms only.

That would include a 20 to 30 million person increase in health care we can’t afford, not to mention the drain on other public services, additional welfare, rewarding law breaking and their favorite, up to 30 million new Democratic voters.

Don’t forget all that government transparency that was bragged about.

We need to vote these reps out and replace them with people that will honor our constitution. The reason we have a constitution is to protect us from what we have now.

It is our duty to restore this country to some semblance of order, and that means you vote and then monitor the people you vote in to make sure they do what we sent them there for.

Vote for the people who will work for us, not for the party or lobbyists, people who will work to repeal Obamacare, secure our borders, balance our budget, cut the size and scope of government, and bring some pride back to our nation.

More government is not the answer, as they would like you to think. The larger government gets, it feeds on itself and becomes a bigger problem.

A smaller, less intrusive government lets business prosper, more people are employed, and more taxes are paid. Instead of hiring tens of thousands of new government employees, we need to downsize by tens of thousands.

If the Democrats were proud of their records, they would be running on them and not from them, and then trying to muddy the waters by bad-mouthing their challengers.

John Williams

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