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William Ronis: Avoiding a new disaster

To the editor:

In Thursday’s article titled “Congressman-elect talks with county commissioners about natural resources, economy,” commissioner Tom Gray was paraphrased as saying the best way to help the economy was for government to reduce regulations, telling them “don’t be the problem.”

This past year didn’t we learn that reducing regulations about ruined our economy and natural resources?

Didn’t we learn that reduced regulations on Wall Street and with home loan companies caused the worst recession since the Great Depression?

Didn’t we learn that reduced regulations of offshore drilling almost ruined the Gulf of Mexico, one of our nation’s greatest natural resources, not to mention the lives of people who lived and worked on the Gulf?

What might happen in Moffat County if we reduce the natural resource regulations? Ruin the Yampa River somehow? Ruin the air quality somehow? Distrub the natural beauty somehow? Disturb historical sites, and the wildlife somehow?

Somehow, I thought we learned that reduced regulations are a disaster waiting to happen.

There was this guy that history tells about who sold out his friend for a few pieces of silver. When he realized what he did, he hung himself.

Let’s not be sorry later for a few pieces of silver now.

William Ronis