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William N. Lindsay, III: About GOP health care recommendations

About GOP health care recommendations

To the editor:

The Blue Ribbon Commission for Health Care Reform is pleased to see Colorado’s legislators continue to take the issue of health reform seriously. We’re heartened that most of the proposals put forward by our Republican legislative leaders echo recommendations that we are making ourselves – such as creating a low-cost minimum benefit plan, enhancing the ability of advanced practice nurses to practice to the scope of their licensure as a means of increasing access to care in rural areas, and expanding access to care for the developmentally disabled. We share a common goal of reducing barriers and bringing down costs.

We hope lawmakers will not judge our recommendations before they have seen our final report. The commission was charged, at first, with evaluating three to five approaches to health reform and reporting on those findings to the Legislature. We analyzed a range of approaches to give legislators information about an array of policy alternatives. It is the General Assembly’s role to assess the viability of these proposals and to determine which of the ideas will go forward. We look forward to their reactions.

Our statutory charge also calls for us to make recommendations based on our analysis. Those recommendations, which we will present next month, build upon the current system, using a combination of existing and new mechanisms to bring more healthy people into the insurance pool – which will ultimately reduce the cost of care for everyone.

We look forward to presenting our recommendation to the General Assembly in January and appreciate their careful consideration of our report. We’re confident that our recommendations will given them the tools to expand health coverage and reduce health care costs for all Coloradans.

William N. Lindsay, III

Blue Ribbon Commission chairman