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White captures Moffat vote

Collin Smith

If election results are any indication, a majority of Moffat County voters think Republican state Rep. Al White has done a good job advocating for Northwest Colorado in the state Legislature.

White collected more than 77 percent of the local vote in his bid for state Senate District 8, defeating Democratic candidate Ken Brenner by a 3 to 1 majority in Moffat County.

The Senate district also includes Routt, Rio Blanco and Jackson counties, as well as parts of Eagle and Garfield counties. Final election results were not available as of press time Tuesday.

White is term-limited from running for re-election to his House seat. The Senate vacancy also is the result of term limits, as Colorado statutes prevent state Sen. Jack Taylor from running as an incumbent after two terms, eight years, in the state Senate.

Brenner has not held state office before, but he has served on the Steamboat Springs City Council and the Routt County Planning Commission.

Over the course of the election, both candidates have taken up some of the same causes, such as possible price fixing among Western Slope gasoline distributors and/or retailers. Although White dismissed the idea when Brenner first raised the question, he has since sent a letter to the Colorado Attorney General’s Office asking for an inquiry into the situation.

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The two disagree on energy development regulations. White said he thinks the state needs to stop propelling a confrontational relationship with industry by simultaneously promoting a near-complete rewrite of energy exploration regulations as well as a large-scale tax raise under Amendment 58.

Brenner said although the energy industry is important to Colorado’s future, it should not be held above the needs of local communities affected by development. He emphasized that energy companies are making record profits at the same time Colorado has a relatively low severance tax rate compared to other states.

Unofficial results

Below are unofficial results for the state Senate District 8 race between Republican Rep. Al White and Democrat Ken Brenner:


• White: 5,805 (53 percent)

• Brenner: 5,110 (47 percent)

Rio Blanco:

• White: 549 (83 percent)

• Brenner: 115 (17 percent)


• White: 6,433 (47 percent)

• Brenner: 7,120 (53 percent)


• White: 704 (80 percent)

• Brenner: 177 (20 percent)


• White: 3,505 (46 percent)

• Brenner: 4,110 (54 percent)