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Where’s justice for Craig police?

To the Editor

To the Editor,
Earlier in the summer there was an incident that occurred involving a mother and her son, my daughter and a Craig police officer. It was in the paper stating that officer Kaiser was involved with answering a call from his radio, which I read later no call was ever dispatched to him, about a noise complaint or something to that effect. Upon arriving, he grabbed the son for no apparent reason. The mother became involved because her son was not doing anything wrong. Then there was my daughter, standing there holding hands with the son. Maybe she was mouthy and maybe she was not and according to eyewitnesses, officer Kaiser slashed out and hit her.
What I want to know, without going through all the rigamarole with the police department, district attorney’s office and whoever else, is what gives a police officer the right to just up and hit somebody in the face or any other part of their body? It just doesn’t make any sense to me. Then the incident is supposed to be investigated outside of Craig. Well what’s happening with it? Again, it would be nice to know, without going through the rigamarole, like what happened to the officer. Did he just get a slap on the hand?
Looks like a few months later he gets a commendation for another circumstance. Well hullabaloo, what about my daughter? She’s only 19 years old and real petite and Kaiser is twice her size. Does she get a commendation for withstanding a blow to the mouth from a supposedly city hero employed to serve and protect, and an employee of the City of Craig Police Department? Come on Craig, what’s going on? Do we want police officers to be able to run around and attack and beat our children?
Thank you Craig Daily Press, I needed to vent my anger. I couldn’t take it any longer and I did it nicely. I didn’t use vulgarity or other unpleasant thoughts that I had been thinking no name calling, no nothing.
Stanley J. Wolschon,