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Where does the growth in county personnel end?

To the Moffat County

Board of Commissioners:

In the short time you have been in office, you (collectively) have added so many directors and assistants to assist these positions it is beyond belief.

I am a registered Republican and therefore, I believe in less and more efficient government. Contrary to this belief, you have added people that are not needed, also, if they were needed, they are not doing the job they were hired for. Most likely they don’t even have a logical job description to fulfill.

Case in point would be the last fiasco that was caused by the apparent overload of sheep on Thompson Hill, rural residential property, etc. You had an opportunity to equalize the property designations, but no, you left it up to an overpaid planning director to recommend “we wait for the city and county master plan,” to solve the problem.

In the early sixties, a lot of time, effort and money was spent in placing addresses on rural residences, mainly for use in conjunction with the then current 911 plan. So what happened to the planning, building inspection, building permits departments? Now we have to have a new address plan initiated at more expense. It appears to be a “make work” situation along with the “trash permits” and city-county “master plan.”. Let the planning commission do the job they volunteered to do!

There are other positions that should be eliminated as follows:

County administrator director

County natural resource director

To be named

To be named

The human resources department does not have an active file of applicant’s for any job, nor can you get an application to fill out even for jobs that are open. I can’t name any H.R. departments that operate as such can you?

You as commissioners have authorized payments to a lot of outside firms for information that has, for the most part, been rejected. Some that come to mind are the Moffat County Employee Compensation Plan, the firm from Cody, Wyo., who advised changes to the airport, money spent on the updates to the courthouse and questionable, is the need for a new “master plan” for the county.

Now “where does it end?”

The concept of “term limits” should be kept intact. If this is not to be, the residents of Moffat County will not be able to stand the expense.

Any elected commissioner in November 2002 will certainly have their work cut out for them, if they are to abide by the conservative principle of less and more efficient government.


Paul Bishop,



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