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Wheels of progress: Craig’s Victory Motors celebrates renovations, new services

From left, Steve Maneotis, Hector Hernandez and Tony Maneotis enjoy the night Saturday during a grand opening event for Victory Motors' newly renovated facility. The Maneotis brothers, who own the auto dealership with sister Irene Kitzman, have spent months making changes to the property to increase services and space.
Andy Bockelman

The wheels of progress continue to roll forward for one Craig business.

Victory Motors hosted a grand opening event Saturday to celebrate renovations done on the property, an ongoing project years in the making for the family dealership owned by siblings Steve Maneotis, Tony Maneotis and Irene Kitzman.

The remodel included adding about 9,000 square feet to the facility at 2705 West First Street.

“We took the footprint of the old building and extended that out to the foundation for the showroom,” Steve said. “We were 17 months in actual construction to get to where we are today.”

The project was in the works much longer than that, with Chrysler first approaching the dealership to make some changes in 2010.

The site has been the home of the business since 1980, though Victory Motors first opened up in 1975.

A new parts department was also included in the revamp, as well as interior alterations, including a customer waiting area that includes a café and a private nook with a massage chair.

“When we did the design, we considered how many of our customers are shift workers, so we just thought that was a nice touch to give them another creature comfort,” Steve said. “The last thing they want to do is bring in a car, then sit in an uncomfortable environment.”

A business development center is also part of the new services, as is a car rental service within the next month.

Hector Hernandez was among those at Saturday night’s celebration and will be offering welding services at the location.

“I’m pretty happy with these guys,” he said, motioning to the Maneotis brothers. “I’m pretty happy to help every one of these customers.”

Likewise, the mood among the owners was light-hearted after a long period of construction woes that included complicated office layout.

“Overwhelmed, overjoyed,” Tony laughed, summing up his thoughts. “It feels good to finally be back under the same roof as our people instead of being in a separate area and serving the people that have done great things for us. Our employees really stuck it out for us.”

He added that their families also provided endless support during a lengthy process.

The brothers noted that it was their father who deserved a great deal of credit for making Victory Motors a name in Northwest Colorado.

“As second-generation owners, to take what Dad has given us between myself, Tony and Irene, to do this, it’s a proud, proud moment for us,” Steve said.