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What others have to say on ballot issue 3A


• Very simply, the primary purpose of 3A is to repair our aging buildings. We are at the point where we must have the necessary funding to bring our buildings up to current standards. – Joel D Sheridan, Assistant Superintendent

• The longer we delay repairs on leaky roofs, obsolete lighting, and inadequate heating and ventilation systems, the more costly and frequent repairs become. We are already in a position where we cannot buy parts for many of our antiquated heating and ventilation systems. – Mike Taylor, MCSD Maintenance Director

• As the mother of two children who will soon be entering into the Moffat County School System, I want my kids to have a strong educational background that will make them successful in their future endeavors. Like it or not, environment is very important to the learning experience. – Misty Jones

• We are proud to live in Moffat County. The challenge of our community and our schools is to give every child the opportunity to learn and become a productive, responsible and caring citizen. – Ryan and Dana Duran

• We owe it to our children, and to the committed generations before us, to continue Moffat County’s tradition of educational opportunity and excellence. As always, with commitment comes a price. A reasonable tax increase will permit a necessary upgrade of our educational facilities and infrastructure. – Kevin and Amy Peck

• Our existing technology infrastructure and classroom computers are inadequate to utilize the educational resources that are critical to succeed in today’s world. – Marlene Knez, MCSD Technology Coordinator

• The tax limits of 3A are specific. The District can not collect more than $2.7 million in any one year, and can not collect more than $54 million over the life of the bond. Therefore, the tax levy will end in 20 years. – Mark Rydberg, MCSD Finance director

• We are at a crossroads, and the time has come when we must, as a community, take steps to ensure that the quality of education in Moffat County schools continues in a positive direction into the 21st century. – Jim Loughran

• The overall academic performance of the school district is strong. The scores on state tests have increased in five of the last six years. The district has met 78 out of 79 targets mandated by the federal No Child Left Behind legislation. Of the nineteen districts in northwest Colorado, Moffat County School District has shown more growth in reading, writing and mathematics than any of the others. – Joel D Sheridan, Assistant Superintendent

• I believe it’s the local community’s responsibility to protect our children. It doesn’t fall to the state or federal government. The community has this opportunity to enhance school safety and security. – Walt Vanatta, Chief of Police, Craig Police Department

• The children of our schools should be provided safe, healthy, efficient and modern facilities in order to adequately compete in the 21st Century. – Jo Ann Baxter, MCSD Board President

• School facilities are made available to a wide-range of individuals and organizations too numerous to list. The use of our schools beyond the traditional sense of education is an important and essential component of our wonderful community. – Mike Anson

• At some point, something has to give or the opportunities in our educational programs and technology will decline and our buildings will become increasingly unsafe. – Christine Villard, Director of Student Services, MCSD

• Just as Moffat County residents regularly support the young people of our community through 4-H groups, Scouting, and sporting activities, now is the time to support our youth by improving the school buildings where our children are educated. – Ron and Audrey Danner

• Research has shown that limiting the number of times students change schools will have a significant impact on student achievement. 3A allows us to create a 4th elementary school, reduce the number of transitions and accommodate growth in student enrollment. – Trish Snyder, School Board Member

• The science rooms at CMS are severely lacking in what is needed to educate students in the current century. The rooms lack adequate water and electricity and ventilation. They are crowded, long, narrow and difficult to use for hands-on activities. – Norm Yoast, CMS Science Teacher

• 3A will improve the ventilation and heating systems within our 6 buildings. This will directly improve the air quality and therefore the health of our students. – Terri A. Jourgensen, School Registered Nurse, MCSD

• We were provided with a great educational experience during our years in Moffat County School system and want as good, if not better, opportunities for your and our children today. – J.B. & Paula Chapman

• I believe that not only will 3A improve the health and education of our next generation, but it will preserve and enhance our infrastructure making it easier to educate our students for many years. – Dave DeRose

• As I look forward to the positive future of the children of Moffat County, I cannot help but feel pride at being involved in our children’s lives on a daily basis. – Renae Dove, Teacher

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