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West Theater should open Friday

'Closed for new seats' will not be shown

Collin Smith

— The movie-going public may have noticed there were no movies to go to in Craig the past couple weeks.

Yes, installing seats is behind schedule at the West Theater, manager Debbie Winder said.

“The seats were put in wrong the last time,” Winder said. “They were too close together. They’re bigger than the seats we had before, and we just wanted more space between them.”

Workers started the process of taking the seats out and drilling new holes for the different layout Nov. 2. It’s a “pretty involved and lengthy” process, Winder said.

Despite the workload, Winder is “almost positive” one screen will be open Friday. The other side – which currently sits empty and doesn’t require the course of removing seats – would most likely take another week to open.

The new seats will make the West Theater even more enjoyable to sit and watch films, Winder said.

As well as being larger, the new chairs have seat cushions and cup holders, and recline and rock for audience comfort.

“We’ll get it good,” Winder said.


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