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We’re all in this together

F. Neil Folks
Neil Folks

What is it that we are all in it together? What are some of the characteristics that pull us into relationship with one another and what is the importance of it? Well, to start with “No person is an island.” We humans are meant to be social, to live in groups, tribes, family, etc. Otherwise, it gets darn lonesome standing on Gilligan’s Island without the others of the cast being present. There is no division of labor to make one’s life easier.

In and of itself, the word “society” or “community” does not exist. It takes a group of organisms or populations of individuals living and interacting with one another in a particular environment (Craig, America for instance). Now we are drawing close together to accomplish something — the organisms in “community” affect other’s abundance, distribution and evolutionary adaption. Depending on how broadly one views the interaction between organisms, a community can be small and local, as in a pond or tree, a city of Craig, a county of Moffat or regional or global.

I want to write about a locality inhabited by a group of individuals called Craig. I’ll keep it small so we can all understand the interconnections we all have with one another where we share common characteristics or interests and perceived or perceiving itself as distinct in some respect from the larger society within which we exist: this can be cultural, religious, social or other groupings in common. This statement is presupposing that there is some sort of bond or common thread that’s common to all of like interests. The goal is establishing what is known as The Common Good as defined by those wishing to be together for a purpose that benefits all. Relationships make our lives more fulfilling — it starts with two individuals working together towards a common goal that is beneficial to “both sides.”

Just what is this invisible connectivity between two or more? The best way for me to explain it is using a metaphor. We all have played with magnets; one end is positive, the other is negative. The two likes will repel one another. Opposite polarities will attract; one is giving the other something that is lacking in its makeup—electrons. In humans this “lacking” of something creates for us an opportunity to give. This is the underlying physics of the universe, the holding together, the relationship. Each of the partnership gives the other what it needs — the law of reciprocity.

Relationships that have good values of bonding will grow stronger over time. The relationships will be rewarding not just for those involved, but also for the people around them. Why? Because by working together they can produce more value than they can ever do by themselves. It’s not just two plus two equals four values; the relationship will exponentially grow by several fold. This is where we get our power in “community.” People around them will get the benefit of this increased value.

Yes, relationships are definitely a challenge. Any good relationship takes time, patience and understanding, and most importantly, communication! Good communication is absolutely essential. Meaningful relationships are not built on theory of entitlement.

I see community as being like a pyramid. At the base are all of us, some 10,000 individuals strong, cemented together in common purpose. The next layer are organizations such as service clubs, churches, cultural entities, groups of individuals having certain interests in common; then comes government, and finally just before the capstone, the government heads. We are all cemented together from foundation to the capstone (Who We Are). All are for the ideal of Growing The Community, making it a better place to live for all generations, Generations Growing Together. We are a multi-faceted community — senior to child, professional to the blue-collar worker, rich to the poor, the free to the incarcerated. The quickest way to destroy this connectivity is through individualism. It is about helping one another to a better way of life in community.

Now I arrive at the purpose of this expose: What do you think the community needs to bring together the multi-faceted populations and the multi-generations into a multi-purpose concept that would be beneficial to all concerned as community, where all can gather to learn, to play, to work, and to be healthy together, bridging any perceived gaps that may exist, that which you think would improve the quality of life in the area we live? Please communicate your thoughts to your community leaders and organizations that may or will be working on this question.

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