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Wendy’s Corporation plans to open restaurant in Craig

Christina M. Currie

People who want an old-fashioned hamburger, hot and fast chili or a cool frosty will soon be able to satisfy their cravings without a 47-mile drive down the Valley. The Wendy’s Corporation is making plans to open a restaurant in Craig.

The corporation has already purchased property to the west of Kmart’s access road on U.S. Highway 40. Construction should begin shortly after the Craig City Council approves the project, which will hopefully happen in March, said Toby Williams, vice president of operations for the Wendy’s Corporation. He said he doesn’t know when the restaurant will open.

“Until we get the permits, we can’t even guess when we’ll be open,” he said.

City Building Inspector Dave Costa said he hasn’t received any paperwork on the project but expects it any day.

“I’ve spoken to them about our development standards and they’ve spoken to a local firm about creating a design to submit to the Planning and Zoning Board and then to the City Council for approval,” Costa said.

The Planning and Zoning Board meets March 18. If members approve the restaurant’s parking and landscaping plan, it could go before the City Council for final approval on March 26.

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Williams said he would push the design team to have plans ready in time for the next Planning and Zoning Board meeting.

Sooner is better for some Craig residents.

“I’m excited about Wendy’s because I love a double or triple cheeseburger, their chili’s good and their fries are the best,” said Dave Griffith. “The community has asked for a Wendy’s forever and they’ve been teased with it for a long time.”

Though Craig has three other fast-food restaurants, many think adding a fourth will bring much-needed variety.

“I’m sure anything like a Wendy’s would be welcome here,” Craig resident Vicky White said. “We don’t have enough selection.”

Not everyone favors another addition to an already-saturated fast-food market.

“Obviously we’re concerned about the size of the market we have and how much saturation that market can take,” said Chris Nichols, owner of McDonald’s in Craig. “It’s good for the consumer because an increase in competition increases choices, but it just takes those fast-food dollars and dilutes them.”

Williams said he believes the addition of a new restaurant will bring more people and more money into Craig.

“I believe we’ll probably draw in people from out of town and the outer regions,” he said. “Hopefully we can make an impact on Craig and bring in people.”

Williams estimates the restaurant will employ 20 to 35 people and wages will range from $5.15 to $6.50 an hour depending on experience and availability.

Any new business means an economic boost for the community, according to City Manager Jim Ferree.

“Hopefully it will increase food sales, which translates into increased revenue,” he said. “We should be able to draw more traffic and sales.”