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Week of April 9 proclaimed Lineman Appreciation Week by Moffat County commissioners

The Browns Park School as it appeared in September 2008.
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CRAIG — The men and women responsible for maintaining and repairing electrical infrastructure were honored by proclamation of the Moffat County Board of County Commissioners at its regular meeting, held a day earlier than usual, on Monday.

“Therefore, be it resolved that Moffat County proudly recognizes all electric linemen for the services they perform around the clock in dangerous conditions by keeping our power flowing and protecting the public’s safety,” read Commissioner Ray Beck, who is retired from Yampa Valley Electric Association. “I thought it was appropriate to share our appreciation.”

The proclamation makes the week of April 9 each year Lineman Appreciation Week in Moffat County.

During public comment, Kathy Bower and Dawn Nottingham, of the Brown’s Park School Alumni Association, presented plans for new windows in the school and a summary of the association’s activities.

The school is located about 47 miles northwest of Maybell. One section was originally the Beaver Creek school, and the other was the Sunbeam school.

Since the association began maintaining the school, the interior and exterior have been painted, and new windows have been installed in the bathrooms. In addition, a toilet in the girls’ bathroom was replaced; the door, doorstep, nobs and locks were replaced; the carpeting was removed; the floor was refinished; and the water lines were redone.

“We try to get as much donated as possible,” Bower said.

The facility is now used for community events, such as Easter services, a fall festival and caucus during election years. The association is planning a Wild Bunch Says event for late summer.

The group still hopes to install new windows and complete repairs to playground equipment.

“The merry-go-round is working, and we have new boards for the teeter-totter boards,” Nottingham said.

Commissioners also:

• Approved items “b” to “e” on the Consent Agenda.

• Amended, then approved Consent Agenda item “a” — the amended minutes of the April 3 meeting — to change “pell funding to PELT (Payment in Lieu of Taxes) funding.”

• Held a public hearing on, then approved, a permit for Skyway Towers Communication to build a tower on private property at Skull Creek near Massadona.

• Approved a requisition for two temporary summer help positions for work at the fairgrounds and cemetery. The positions were in the budget and will be hired through Flint Personal.

• Road and Bridge Department Director Dan Miller reported an uneventful month, with crews using mild weather to begin grading the county roads. He also reported that, because it is not feasible to repair the wooden bridge access to Kiwanis trails at Loudy-Simpson Park, he would be discussing other options, such as relocating the bridge. Crews also filled and place 500 sandbags on the north side of the west pond to try to “keep the water in the west pond,” Miller said.

• Awarded Sterling Rollins the Loudy-Simpson Park Farm Lease. Rollins will pay $9,000 to produce hay from about 80 acres in the park and graze on parcels on the east side. The one-year lease has the option for five annual renewals.

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