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Week 5 Craig billiards league standings

Craig Daily Press Staff Report

— The Billiards Congress of America pool league in Craig, with standings updated through five weeks of play.

Both leagues are tight from top to bottom, with all 10 teams having between 709 and 768 points. Jean’s Angels still lead the Sunday league, but their advantage has shrunk in the past two weeks. In the Monday league, Up Against the Walls has jumped from third to first in the course of the past two weeks.

Sunday league standings

  1. Jean’s Angels, 768 points
  2. Just Shooting the Sh—, 752
  3. Poke-n-Hope, 749
  4. The Wonder Balls, 737
  5. Rehab’s for Quitters, 709

Monday league standings

  1. Up Against the Walls, 768 points
  2. Get-R-Done, 755
  3. Kim, 737
  4. Jarrod, 713
  5. Kenny, 712

Matches are played each week on Sundays beginning at 5 p.m. and on Mondays at 6 p.m at the Popular Bar, 24 West Victory Way.

For more information, visit the league website at http://www.craigbca.weebly.com or call Jolene Walls at 620-0056.


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