Weather Watch: Rough activity to shift to smoother climate |

Weather Watch: Rough activity to shift to smoother climate

Craig Daily Press Staff Report

— If the people of Northwest Colorado can weather a dreary start to the week, what follows should be much more pleasant.

Following a grayish weekend, Craig’s forecast for Monday from the National Weather Service includes a chance of snow showers early in the day, with the threat of rain and snow remaining for the rest of the day.

NWS meteorologist Ellen Heffernan, of Grand Junction, said this is due to a northwestern flow that will have much of the state experiencing activity. A drier Tuesday still will be windy and cold, with the temperature remaining in the mid-40s.

“There’s still some weak waves, but it will mostly just bring a lot of clouds,” Heffernan said.

A slight chance for moisture will hit the area early Wednesday, but this will be followed by everything starting to blow over, Heffernan said.

“The storm system will be moving into the upper Midwest, Great Lakes region by midweek,” she said.

A warming trend will begin Thursday, reaching a high of 65 by Saturday. The weekend may see a small chance of rain by this point though it’s not expected to be that significant.

“It’s a pretty quick shot,” Heffernan said.