Weather Watch: High-pressure front to bring brief area warm-up |

Weather Watch: High-pressure front to bring brief area warm-up

Craig Daily Press Staff Report

It may only be for a short time, but the moderate climate in store this week may be just the kind of weather Northwest Colorado residents have wanted out of spring.

The forecast from the National Weather Service shows a warm week for Craig created from a high-pressure system moving into the region. A cloudy Monday with a high of 50 will escalate into a sunny state with temperatures “well into the 60s” through Friday, said NWS meteorologist Chris Cuoco, of Grand Junction.

As quickly as the rise in temperatures hits, so will these conditions fade as the weekend comes.

A small storm system will lead to a cooling effect with small chances of precipitation Saturday and Sunday.

“It doesn’t look like it’s going to be that strong, probably a 20 to 30 percent chance of showers at most. It’ll just be a good bit cooler,” Cuoco said.

Whether humid or not, the days that follow will be more of the average seasonal feel the area has experienced in previous weeks.

Cuoco said there are no early indicators of substantial moisture later in April at this stage, but patterns of northwestern flow mean Craig shouldn’t count itself out of seeing rain in the near future.

And where there’s rain, there’s a sizable chance of it turning to snow.

“It’s not quite the warm spring temeperatures, and this time especially, the storms bring down the colder air until we get into May, and even then, we could still get snow,” Cuoco said.