Weather Watch: Craig’s heat wave to shift to unrest |

Weather Watch: Craig’s heat wave to shift to unrest

Craig Daily Press Staff Report

Residents of Northwest Colorado thinking their weather has the mild disposition of Dr. Jekyll may be in for a rude awakening later in the week when confronted with the more chaotic Mr. Hyde.

Craig will have a warm beginning to its week as daily highs and overnight lows start to escalate, into the mid-80s and mid-40s, respectively.

“For Monday and Tuesday, it’ll be fairly warm with dry conditions for that area,” said Chris Cuoco, meteorologist for the National Weather Service Grand Junction office.

The heat of the high-pressure system will stick around Wednesday and much of Thursday, but by later in the day, a cold front will move in from the Great Basin region, bringing with it a strong amount of southwestern flow, leading to windy conditions and an incremental drop in temperatures in the following days.

Cuoco said the climate could reach the mid-70s by Saturday and even lead to scattered thunderstorms in this time. However, the larger worry is the other kind of environment the combined heat and aridness will cause earlier in the week.

NWS’s Lightning Safety Awareness Week takes place through Saturday, with an increased risk for lightning in the summer months, but another issue is wildfires, which can manifest with ease in the scenarios Craig and other parts of the state will continue to see.

NWS also will be promoting awareness of fire season throughout the summer.

“I think we’ll be seeing those concerns more Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as it gets hotter,” Cuoco said.