Weather Watch: Craig to experience midweek cool-down |

Weather Watch: Craig to experience midweek cool-down

Craig Daily Press Staff Report

The conversion from a harsh winter climate to a more mild, spring one isn't going to be a smooth one for Northwest Colorado. Not this week, anyway.

The National Weather Service forecast for the region shows a gusty Monday in store for Craig, with winds reaching a possible 20 miles per hour by the afternoon as a cold front starts to take effect. Rain is expected in the evening, with a good likelihood of snow overnight.

The chance of snow is even greater early Tuesday. Jeff Colton, NWS meteorologist out of Grand Junction, said 1 to 3 inches of powder could hit Craig, a small amount compared to the 5 to 10 inches anticipated for spots such as the Flat Tops, which is already under a winter weather advisory for the middle of the week.

"It'll be pretty wet snow, which doesn't really accumulate that much," he said. "It'll be a little heavier out toward Steamboat Springs and Hayden and into the valleys."

The Monday high temperature in the mid-50s will plummet by about 20 degrees the next day, but the warmth will begin creeping back in by Wednesday, climbing into the 40s.

"It's a strong cold front, so there will be a significant cool-down, but we'll see things start to rebound," Colton said. "It's springtime, so there's some big, drastic changes happening in a hurry."

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Some additional unrest is expected late Friday, Colton added.

"We could see a situation with some rain flipping over into snow Friday night and then moving out by Sunday morning," he said. "It's another fast system, another shot of cold air, so it looks very similar (to Monday and Tuesday). I would expect temperatures in the 50s Friday, breezy and cool, going down again Saturday with highs in the 30s."