Voters elect 4 new Moffat County Board of Education Members |

Voters elect 4 new Moffat County Board of Education Members


Moffat County School Board Election Results

Of 3604 total ballots cast in 2017 elections, the votes were tallied as follows:District 1Mindy Baker, 1301; 42.74 percentChip McIntyre, 1,743; 57.26 percent— 3,044 ballotsDistrict 2Dr. Elise Sullivan (uncontested), 2,585, 100 percent— 2,585 ballotsDistrict 4Owen “Lee” Atkin, 1,515, 50.37 percentAlicia Noland, 1,493, 49.63 percent— 3,008 ballotsDistrict 6Seat will be filled by appointment.District 7Chris Thome (write in) 108

CRAIG — Five of seven seats were up for election in this year’s Moffat County School Board of Education elections, and unofficial results from Tuesday’s election are in.

There were two contested races with 3604 voting.

Mindy Baker contested Chip McIntyre’s August appointment to the position of District 1 representative. McIntyre won the seat with 1743 votes compared to 1301 votes for Baker.

“I’m really excited. Thanks to everyone who supported me. Hopefully we’ll do good work,” McIntyre said.

Owen “Lee” Atkin and Alicia Noland vied to represent District 4 with Atkin edging out Noland to winning 1515 votes to 1493 for Noland.

Dr. Elise Sullivan was unopposed in her bid and received 2585 votes to replace Sue Voloshin, and will represent District 2 on the new board.

Chris Thome, was appointed in June to represent District 7. He submitted a petition to retain the seat, however, it was not received in time for the school district to certify his name, so Thome was a write-in candidate for the position he received 108 votes and will continue to represent District 7.

Because no one submitted an application to represent District 6, which is being vacated by school board President Darrell Camilletti, the new board will appoint a replacement.

District 3 will continue to be represented by JoBeth Tupa, who was elected to the position in 2015, and retired teacher Jo Ann Baxter, also elected in 2015, will continue to represent District 5.

The new board will be seated Nov. 16 and immediately begin work that will ultimately see the closure of one of Craig’s four elementary schools.

The school board is expected to expected select the school up for closure at its December meeting.

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