VNA offers programs for women’s health and newborn care |

VNA offers programs for women’s health and newborn care


When it comes to community resources, the Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association is often the first point of contact for expectant parents and families with young children. VNA is the local Public Health provider for Routt and Moffat counties and is home to many community programs. The following is a summary of just some of the services and resources available through VNA. All programs are free unless otherwise noted.

Pre-Natal Plus

Pre-Natal Plus nonmedical program that is designed for women who are currently pregnant. The program helps individuals with Medicaid applications and other types of health care financial assistance, teaches people how to access pre-natal medical care, provides education on healthy eating and tobacco prevention, teaches moms-to-be how to care for a new baby, and answers other questions a pregnant woman might have. There is no fee for this service or and there is no citizenship requirement.

Nurse Family Partnership

The NFP Program is a free, voluntary program for low-income women, during their first pregnancy and through the first two years of their child’s life, to work with specially trained nurses on three goals: improving prenatal outcomes by helping to increase healthy behaviors, reducing use of tobacco, alcohol, and illegal drugs; helping parents provide more responsible, competent care for their children; and helping them develop their future including planning future pregnancies, continuing education, and finding work.

New Arrivals Home Visits

New Arrivals Home Visits provides free health education, support and community resources to families who have recently delivered a baby, in Routt and Moffat Counties. Home visits are provided by a Registered Nurse who can help with feeding, sleep and wake patterns, irritability issues, sibling adjustment, bonding with baby, and accessing financial support.