Victoria Van Couvering: Vote for Soos |

Victoria Van Couvering: Vote for Soos

To the editor:

I saw the letter from Mr. Nielson in support of Frank Moe and would like to voice my support for Tom Soos. I agree Frank Moe has a heart for Moffat County but believe Tom will be a better choice for District 3 Moffat County commissioner for these reasons:

Tom is the emergency management coordinator for Moffat County and has had years of experience working with other county government agencies, including the board of commissioners.

Tom monitors and regularly reports in person at commissioner meetings regarding water levels and hazardous material release, therefore, he is familiar with the responsibilities of being a commissioner, and realizes the commissioners must function as a team to best serve the residents of Moffat County.

Tom believes in fiscal responsibility and will use his experience in grant writing and reviewing to seek funds to benefit the residents of Moffat County.

Tom already actively is involved in the concerns of Moffat County residents by working with county and state agencies to safeguard our economy and way of life in the areas of:

■ Energy exploration

■ Coal industry regulations,

■ Agricultural exploration and sustainability

■ Responsible planned growth

■ State health care

■ Safeguarding vital services families depend upon

But don’t just take my word for it. Come and hear for yourselves, at the Commissioners Candidate Forum at 6 p.m. Thursday at the Centennial Mall.

Victoria Van Couvering