Veteran’s Hotline: Saluting the American flag |

Veteran’s Hotline: Saluting the American flag

Ed Wilkinson
Ed Wilkinson

There will be a flu clinic at the Steamboat Springs Community Center in mid to late September. There will also be flu shots available at the Craig Telehealth Clinic this month. The dates for these will be posted when the vaccine arrives.

Read an article in American Legion magazine about homeless veterans. There are 58,063 homeless veterans in the United States as of 2013. In Los Angeles alone, it is estimated there will be 4,000 new homeless veterans each year. Multiply that by all the states, and you have quite a number of veterans who need help.

Received a letter from National Personnel records in St. Louis, Missouri stating that they moved to a new location. So, for all the veterans that I sent in requests for records, awards, DD 214’s, etc., this is probably the reason for the delay in receiving your information.

The sad part is that they moved in year 2011. I never received any notification of the move. I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused. Always the 10 percent that doesn’t get the word.

A litte reminder about honoring our flag. During the Pledge of Allegiance, military retirees and veterans may place their hand over their heart. During the passing, raising or lowering of the flag, military retirees and veterans may salute the flag.

During the National Anthem, military retirees and veterans may salute the flag. You may also wear your decorations on suitable civilian clothing for patriotic holidays, funerals, weddings or formal dress occasions. And, as we all remember, a veteran may salute the flag in civilian clothing.

I have a copy of the “Vanguard” magazine, which shows the correct order of wearing the United States Military Ribbons and attachments. This magazine has all branches of service, so visit my office and we can arrange your ribbons in proper order of wear.