Veterans ask people to remember |

Veterans ask people to remember

To the Editor

To the Editor,
I commend the Craig Daily Press for recognizing and respecting the local veterans of foreign wars military retirees and those who lost husbands, sons or friends while on active duty. Our past wars and conflicts broke many hearts, but also left a sense of pride in the sacrifice of life for democracy. It seems fewer and fewer people remember what our military forces have accomplished and endured.
Recently an insurance dental plan, Tri Care, became available to retirees and widows for a reasonable fee. Very few of us have ever expected charity of any sort. Sadly, not one dentist in Routt or Moffat County subscribes to this program. The explanation from one was their office would lose too much money.
All we few retirees and widows asked for was that the paperwork be turned in. We fully expected to pay any dollar difference. Perhaps that is too much to expect?
Ada L. McArthur,