Vandals destroy mailboxes |

Vandals destroy mailboxes

Tyler Baskfield

— When Chuck Sis thought he heard a gunshot at about 10:30 p.m. Wednesday, he didn’t really think much of it. Neighbors around his home on County Road 30 often deal with varments after dark according to Sis. But when he woke up Thursday morning to find his homemade mailbox in pieces all over the road, he knew that what he heard that pervious night was no gunshot.

Sis was one of eight people who had their mailboxes busted by vandals late Thursday night on County Road 30.

Moffat County Sheriff’s Deputy Garry Nichols was out on the road Thursday afternoon investigating the vandalism and is already making headway.

“We have a potential suspect in mind,” said Nichols. “It looks like whoever did this was driving a front wheel drive compact car with highway tread tires. The boxes appear to have been struck with a metal object.”

Nichols believes that there was no motive behind the crime other than just senseless vandalism.

“It’s just random criminal mischief,” said Nichols. “You can see where they hit one of the plastic boxes that shattered pretty good. They were probably so busy oohing and aahing over that, they missed the next few boxes and then just continued doing it right down the road.”

Even though the vandals may be thinking that it was just a victimless crime, Postmaster Rick Ryan is tired of the this happening on area county roads and plans to make an example of whoever is involved.

“It’s a federal crime,” said Ryan. “They can get up to three years in prison. If that individual is caught, I personally will do whatever possible to make sure he is charged with the federal crime and gets three years. Someone has got to put a stop to this business.”

The vandals started their spree right off of Colorado Highway 40 and continued south on County Road 30 hitting mailboxes on the right side of the road for approximately four miles and then turned around and headed north on County Road 30 hitting the boxes on the opposite side of the road.

Nichols believes that the damage is approximately $200, but for Sis it isn’t the money that bothers him.

“It’s the fact that they are messing with our mail,” he said. “Often when we’re out of town we leave mail in the box for a couple of days if there would have been any in there we would have lost it. I built the big box for packages so we wouldn’t have to go into town to get them. I wasn’t planning on having to build another one today.”

Anyone with information on the crime is asked to contact the Moffat County Sheriff’s Department.


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