Vandalism at Sunset Meadows and school park needs to stop |

Vandalism at Sunset Meadows and school park needs to stop

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter to let people know that there is vandalism going on at Sunset Meadows I gardens and the Sunset Elementary School park by some kids ranging in age from 11 to 16 or so.

The gardens are being ruined, the produce is being strewn, busted up and scattered on the sidewalk in the park, branches are broken and fruit is wasted. It’s an awful waste of food that has been grown for the use of the gardeners.

These senior citizens work hard to have a garden to get produce and enjoy the fruits of their labors and instead see waste and little, if any, satisfaction from the produce they grow.

We feel some action should be taken. Yes, the police have been called. They can only do so much.

Parents, where are your children? Kids having been roaming around Sunset Meadows evenings and late evenings. They don’t have any reason to be here other than wanting something to do.

Ruining are gardens is not a good thing, neither is messing up the park.

Senior citizens walk there often and we need to keep it to where they can do so without fear of falling because of some careless doings of kids without any sense of value.

Mary Jo Brown,


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